Saturday, June 27, 2009

x360a Owns My Soul (this month)

So, Point Lookout's review should be up in the near future, leaving Tiger '10 as the only hurdle left this month. That's fine by me, as I'm in the mood to go back and finish some games, instead of focusing so intently on just one at a time. Tiger '10 is great, but it sure won't be an easy 1k due to some of those online achievements. I still only have 30 points in the game, despite all my play time. It's a game I love in 45-90 minute pieces, but I'm getting burned out by the amount I've put into it for review.

Today's plan is to play a little more Tiger Woods, to keep testing out the online while I'm home and able to connect to Xbox Live. However, I really need to take a break from it, so I'll probably try to play some Ghostbusters online, Fallout 3, or Magic: The Gathering, which seem to be my games of choice lately. (When I feel like playing, that is. I feel like I'm still combatting General Gaming Burnout to some extent)

Next week I'm going to try to get the Twitter rant up. Silva, you're on notice. If you want yours to go up with mine, you might want to do it in the next 3-5 days =)

For next week's job training, I have Friday off, so I'll be going to Eau Claire for a 3-day weekend to hang out with some of my college friends. Man, I really miss them already. I hope you all have some fun July 4th plans lined up!


  1. I've missed not reading your blogs, no one has posted anything in the blogs I'm subscribed to (20 or so) in the past 2 days and I've been frantically checking lol.

    Woah that you only have 30G on Tiger, my 50 in 06 and 85 or so in 07 looks bad on my profile. Won't play them any more until I get some more score on them.

  2. I've been so busy with work I forgot about ranting lol i'll see what I can come up with for twitter. Might only be able a page since time might be limited this week. :)