Thursday, June 4, 2009

Month in Review: May 09

What a crazy month it was, with a relationship break-up (which I'm quite happy about), my graduation from college, the return to my parents house, initiation of The Job Hunt (which may be nearing an end already if Walmart wants me in management), and so much more. Things are starting to get into a more comfortable routine, which is nice. Besides the Job Hunt, I've begun working on a couple personal goals, which I'll reveal and discuss more once they come closer to completion. All I will say so far is that progress is good.

In the midst of all this craziness, special topics fell to the wayside, despite my intentions to return to them. To those who lamented the no-show of the Jurassic Park post, fear not! It's coming! I wrote three pages of it yesterday, but I have some things I need to do, so it'll be a few days before it's ready to post. Be ready for a long (but hopefully entertaining) read.

On the gaming front, I suffered the misfortune of losing over 400,000 XP in Gears of War 2, and all my interest in the game vanished with it. I've been on an RPG fling, spending lots of time in Infinite Undiscovery and Sacred 2, though I have taken a little time off to work on some arcade titles.

Looking ahead, I expect June to be a month of mostly RPG work, but I may need to branch out a bit and hit other corners of my back catalogue. Valleyfair is looking to bring me back to fill in at the IMAX for a couple weeks, so I should have some extra cash coming in (and a little variety to my days) which will be nice, and I'm going to try to get out and be social. I'm one of those people who swings from not wanting to hang out with anyone for a couple weeks, to wanting to hang out a bunch for a couple weeks, and back and forth.

Reviews Written:
allout 3: Broken Steel
Velvet Assassin

Reviews coming in June:
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Fallout 3: Point Lookout

Blog Special Topics:
Superhumans in the Real World, Part I: A God Among Mortals
Meaningful and Most Wanted 1000s

COmpleted Games:
Penny Arcade Episode 2

Gamerscore Progression:
May start score: 100,120
May End score: 103,015
Change: 2,895

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  1. Ah, I was going to write about 'good' 1k completions too. Don't want to steal your thunder though. Hope next month is better than your last one, ha ha! Keep on trucking.