Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Ghosts of GSLs Past

Well, despite Xbox Live being down for the day, I hopped on to get a little gaming done in the vein of "I'm going to put whatever I want into the disc tray and we'll see what happens." It's funny that I felt like playing 2 crappy games, but some good things ended up happening.

Before starting the crappy games, I loaded up Wolfenstein 3D, and finally finished that off for the full 200.

With that completion under my belt, I popped in X-men: The Official Game, which has sat on my card incomplete through BOTH GSLs I participated in. I knew to finish it, I had to beat the game's final boss and one other Wolverine level on Hard. I didn't think things would go well, since Sabertooth has kicked my ass dozens of times before, and he did again... for a while. And then finally, FINALLY, I figured out the super easy way to beat him. I memorized his attack patterns, took advantage of the fact that he rarely accacks first and waits for you to come to him, and timing when to roll away from the last attack in his attack chain to utterly tool him. With that out of the way, the earlier level was a total breeze, since I was totally upgraded.

Since I just completed two games, I feel I can add a new one without guilt, which I'm going to say is Ghostbusters, since that will hopefully arrive tomorrow, so I can get cranking on the review.

I started thumbing through my discs again, and decided to pop in Shrek the Third. I must have really been in a mood to punish myself tonight. All I have left to do in this game is finish it on Grimm difficulty. I succeeded in advancing myself three levels deeper into the game before getting sick of it and saying that was enough of that for now.

So, I spend my day with Live down playing a couple of remnants of past GSLs. (Actually, both games sat unfinished through both GSLs) The thing I miss most about live is always the party chats. I would have been nice to let out a "Yippie kai yay mother f***er" or two with the usual party members as Wolfenstein and X-men met completion.

I really want to pick up Magic: The Gathering off XBLA tomorrow (I'm a nerd, I know) but I'm restraining myself... at least until I'm through the 3 reviews I still have to write this month...


  1. I got Ghostbusters today so hopefully we'll co-op that up tomorrow with Silva.

    I for one will never play X-Men again. I had 0GS on it and luckily was able to delete the games history due to the new dashboard features.

  2. X-Men was a nuisance and at the time was the worst and most frustrating game I had played on the Xbox 360. Good on you for going back to it.

    I totally agree about party chats too, make Live so much more fun (which is why PS3 online just doesn't appeal to me, missing simply effective features like that).

  3. Ok so...theres no co-op in Ghostbuster campaign...? kill me now wtf Atari?! I knew you would botch something...