Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Win?

I realize I should have a month in review for May... Maybe I'll tackle that tomorrow.

Today is another day of musings, as I'm too fried (physically and mentally) to write anything particularly educated.

NJC, I'll take a look at your blog on Saturday, as it happens that I'm planning on writing a special topic on the state of "achievement blogging" and thus want to look over every one I can find. I hope to report some interesting findings. My prior experience scouring in internet for blogs will be helpful here, as will the skills I developed in analyzing them. So, stay tuned for Saturday. (See what I did there? Comment reply with self-promotion FTW ^-^)

If anyone knows of any blogs I should check out, let me know. (This includes your own! For some reason, I'm having trouble getting the blogs of people I KNOW have one through blogger profiles, so a link in the comments doesn't hurt)

On the gaming front, I found out yesterday that I won a challenge on 360voice! ...I didn't even know I was in one! Auto challenges are currently turned on so I just keep joining challenges, and maybe win a few, but I really haven't been keeping track of them. Apparently, I won a challenge scoring 480 points in 5 days, including an epic come-from-behind win on the last day. Considering pretty much all I've played the last two weeks is Infinite Undiscovery and Sacred 2, 480 points is pretty sweet, and actually winning a challenge on that is a barrel of LOLs.

I've put close to 30 hours into Sacred 2, and will hopefully be able to start writing the draft soon.

E3? I have no idea what is going on right now. I've been so incredibly busy trying to find work, I keep missing the news. It's all too much, too fast, and every fiber of my being wishes I was one of the people on the floor writing about everything that is happening (or making the presentations!), instead of trying to glean nuggets of info from the outside. Maybe someday...

This morning, I drove to the Minneapolis Convention Center, where there was a job fair. Many of the jobs involved sales, accounting/finance, or technical scientific knowledge, which aren't my cups of tea, but the day did produce some benefits. I talked with three different people from Walmart (I kept getting passed up the ladder) until I had a full 1-on-1 interview about possibly taking a management position. I already have 3 years of management under my belt from prior work, so I know 100% this is something I could do. I also got a lead on a professional networking group for people seeking creative work (like me!), so I want to go check them out sometime to. The decision point on both of these leads in Friday, so we'll see how things go.


  1. I've been checking your blog out for many of months but not once asked you to return the favour. Now your requesting I will, link to mine is here - http://gaminghabbits.blogspot.com/

    I don't do special topics really as I'm not as dedicated to having a good successful blog (when only 6 people read why should I?) but I like to think writing mini reviews about every game I completed and an overview of the achievements for the game is a good read for a viewer.

  2. lol thanks Thrawn much appreciated,I'm really looking forward to that on Saturday. The more gaming blogs the better in my opinion because you can never get enough views on games, especially when there is some comedy thrown in =)

    JJB thanks for the link to your blog it looks really good and you have just provided me with about a half hour of good reading! Good job!

  3. Hey Thrawn I would love it if you could check my blog out as well. I am not very active as I dont have many followers, but plan on growing it into a Video Podcast type show all about achievement topics. Check it out and if you have any suggestions I would love to hear it. Thanks