Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ask Silva: Random Friend Requests

I'm off on the first of 4 days in a row of working the IMAX, the summer job I've had for the last 3 summers. I'm now filling in on an "as needed" basis, with the ability to accept or turn down shifts as I see fit, which is kinda cool, actually. I'm like an IMAX mercenary. Anyway, it's a couple hundred extra bucks that's too easy to turn down, and Walmart training is over a week away anyway.

Tonight, I'll be playing more Wolfenstein (I'm in the final chapter) and maybe watching the original Ghostbusters movie. If possible, I want to rewatch both of them to get in the mood for reviewing the Ghostbusters game.

Ok, enough from me. Take it away Silva!

DISCLAIMER: Ask Silva posts contain high levels of profanity and some sexual content. If such language offends you, please refrain from reading the 'Ask Silva' posts. You have been warned. For the rest of you, enjoy!

ThrawnOmega asks: Word on the street is you're pretty popular, with many random friend requests, and people constantly inviting you to parties. How does this make you feel? Do you do anything about it? Why are you so damn popular? =P

Silva says: This is a two parter; I get spammed with random friend requests along with random messages, dumbass ones at that, for example: “are you really BL4CK? lol” to which I respond “will your mom let me jizz on her lips?” I do know that this happens to nearly everyone who is a score whore and once they break 50k or so they get nerd cred and the random requests and inbox rape begins to ensue. I don’t want to come off douchebagish and put a disclaimer in my profile like many do saying “Don’t add me if you don’t know me” because the Live community is a place or folks to congregate, meet new gamers and enjoy yourself but let us compare this random requests/messages to real life. [Scratch that, I would like to come off douchebagish, hopefully that will deter many of the cunt-buckets from requesting me and asking me dumbass questions] Would you walk up to me in Applebees and say “Hey dude do you want to be my friend? I saw you eating wings with a friend of mine the other day, do you think maybe we can hang out like that too some time huh huh huh can we huh?!” It’s just really annoying when you get a message from johnforjews1995 saying why did you decline my friend request. I denied you because I’ve never fucking played with you and I can’t babysit a party with you and your rowdy ass sugared up 12 year old butt pirate friends who constantly throw around words like ‘nig’ and ‘kike’ and ‘spic’ like you have no home training or manners. I’m definitely no prude, and am generally very loose when it comes to profanitized audibles (THRAWN edit: We know =P), but I draw the line when it starts to get offensive and/or racist towards any group of people.

Yea games get people riled up and frustrated and you want to yell and curse but there’s no calling for a 12 year old to be playing Left 4 Dead and say “these zombies are swarming me, fucking burn those Jews.” I’m of African American decent and took offence to that even more so than when the word ‘nig’ is tossed around like how some of these kids baby sisters will be once they reach college age and become little floozies. I can care less what these people do with their dirty little mouths, they can do that shit on their own time in their own party, but I will not be subjected to loud, obnoxious, pre-pubescent squeals of hyper active uncontrollable bellowing from a friend of a friend that wants to be my friend. Sorry fucknut, you are getting muted end of story and your friend that is on my list just might find himself being purged from the ranks soon after….guilty by association, and that’s all she wrote. Oh and im generally a nice guy I make friends with everyone but if you’re some little douchebag who’se loud and obnoxious and just wants to fit in with “the in crown” and try to add me or send me stupid ass msgs, you will FAIL.


  1. I'm scared.........someone make the bad man go away.

    Ha ha, though I do hate those random requests especially when they keep on coming. One guy sent me at least ten IN A ROW, which I just kept on declining. Douche.

  2. ^^ That's what god invented "block communications" =P