Monday, June 29, 2009

WHAT? No Gaming Night?

I know, it sounds insane, but today is the first day in at least 250 days I haven't fired up the Xbox at all, and I'm not going to. There's simply nothing I want to play. I finished up Point Lookout yesterday, then decided to watch Repo: The Genetic Opera with my parents. I love that movie/play, but my parents weren't as impressed.

I'm at the Holiday Inn for another week of Walmart training, this time with a roommate (one of the other trainees). Went for a 4 mile run after a brutally long training day, and I've spent most of my time since trolling the internet and reading Star Wars. Isn't this an exciting life I lead? I've got income, stock options, and health insurance, so I can't really complain too much. Just missing the blonde supermodel is all LOL.

Tomorrow I'll try to get started on writing the Tiger '10 review. I know I've been at this for a while, but I had to get Ghostbusters and Point Lookout done first, and Tiger is a stretch for me, as I've never reviewed a sports game before (Stoked doesn't count). Those are my excuses; you can decide how legitimate they are or aren't.

If I was rooming alone, I'd probably fire up Shrek or some other garbage I need to finish for the sake of completion, but I can't be seen playing that crap before a witness, which means I'm more likely to play Magic: The Gathering to unlock more cards, or maybe Prince of Persia (via Gamefly) just for fun. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll load up Fallout and try to get all those steel ingots, but thats not likely. Maybe I'll just read Star Wars again all night, or write up a special topic. I have no idea.

That seems to be the theme lately.


  1. Haha about not wanting a witness to see you play Shrek, I know how you feel lol.