Wednesday, June 10, 2009

...And the Motivation Suddenly Died

Yesterday was a busy day, as I went in for my second interview with Walmart for a management position (as a department manager). It was me across the table from three store managers, which could have been intimidating, but I wasn't too worried about it. I did the best I could, and learned more about the nature of the job. Now, it'll be about a week to a week and a half to find out if I'm hired. In the mean time, I need to keep shooting out resumes and trying to get some other leads going. As they say, hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. (On that note, I recieved a letter from a newspaper I'd applied to saying the position was filled. Bummer, but life goes on.)

Last night, I was trying to make some progress in Sacred 2, after spending a decent part of the day finishing the review (which now merely awaits posting). After playing for about and hour and getting my evil Shadow Warrior to level 13, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by a sense of "Why am I doing this?" I couldn't stand playing another minute of Sacred 2. I thought maybe that meant I just needed a break from the game, as it's easy to get burned out when working on two 100+ hour games at the same time. So, I looked through every other game I own, and couldn't find a single game I wanted to play. Even after the GSLs I wasn't this burned out.

I think the burnout isn't so much that I need a break from games, but that I've been too one-dimensional since I graduated from college. Every day has been
  1. Wake Up
  2. Hunt for jobs
  3. Go for a workout
  4. Dinner
  5. Video games
My high school buddies are out of town working or in grad school, and most of my college friends are in Wisconsin, and I haven't been able to organize anything with them yet. It basically dawned on me that, except for a couple nights out with friends, I've forgotten to have a social life. I also realized how neglected my bookshelf looks, with 5-6 novels waiting to be read, 4 volumes of Osamu Tezuka's amazing manga series Black Jack, and I want to eventually re-read Jurassic Park and The Lost World...

I'm thinking I need to scale the gaming back a bit and get back to being a more well-rounded person, particularly on the weekends, which have been gaming marathons these last few weeks. Having some IMAX shifts to bring in some cash will help. I should be able to hang out with friends every once in a while, but it's not nearly as easy to get something going as it was in college... we're not all within a mile of each other anymore...

Instead of having progress updates, I'm going to try to mix things up with at least 1 special topic.

TOMORROW will be the premiere of Ask Silva (if he's ready to roll) or a brand spanking new episode of ThrawnOmega Predicts the Future, where I thrown down some predictions about the next generation Xbox. I'll give you an early low-hanging freebie: it'll come out during the holiday season of 2012.


  1. Damn not good to hear your burnt out! I know what you mean though, I've been in gaming for the past 2 days and if it wasn't for my girlfriend living next door always wanting to see me I'd have gotten burnt out from gaming.

    Think I need some fresh air tomorrow, go skateboarding lol.

  2. It is summer, time to get out and enjoy the sun for a little. Then at night go back to the cave and turn on the Xbox! LOL I can't wait to for silva to post his comments!