Monday, June 22, 2009

Ooooo... This is NICE

Well folks, I am able to get my PC into the internet at the Holiday Inn, which is my home for most of the next 8 weeks (that wasn't hard). Wal-mart has really been quite generous with us new managers. They're footing the hotel bill. They gave me an incredibly generous check to cover meal expenses over the next 8 weeks... like I seriously doubt I'll spend half of it on food, but it's mine to keep. Did I mention I'm staying, ALONE, in a nice sized room with TWO queen sized beds? I think I'll sleep on them on alternating nights ROFL. Oh yeah, and it's 90 Degrees out (literally), but that's OK, since this Holiday in has a HUGE indoor water park. It's also right across the street from a Chinese buffet. The housing could not possibly be better, unless it included a blond Swedish supermodel to give me messages. It doesn't, but I love it anyway.

Yes, I'm here to learn about how to be an excellent manager, and there is a lot of work and learning in what I'm undertaking here, which I'll be approaching with all due seriousness, but I'm impressed with how nice they're making it for me. Everyone I've met thus far has been extremely helpful, too.

The TV here has AV plugs in the front, so I can still play Xbox, though I'll probably be spending most of the night in the water park. I brought my swimsuit in case they had a pool... I wasn't expecting a freaking PARK. According to the fine print, I'm actually contractually obligated to spend time in the water park, so that is where I'll be. This means I'm full speed ahead to start Tiger Woods 10 for review this week, and will wrap the online portions over the weekend.

Also over the weekend, I'll have to beast out the review for Fallout 3s Point Lookout. Nobody in this hotel knows how to connect an Xbox to Live here, and I've been trying to troubleshoot it myself for well over an hour, and I've just given up. I can connect to the network, but not the internet. So, I physically can't download and start Point Lookout any sooner than Friday night. Sorry folks.

What an insane month this is... job training and 4 reviews... I've never written so many in one month, and remember this is work I do on the side of everything else... and this is June... it's not like we're talking about the holiday season. I'm expecting to end up doing 4-6 reviews a month in Nov and Dec, but not this early. It's all good. I truly enjoy the work, it just makes playing other games somewhat tougher.

So, I'm alive, and this blog will continue, though you won't see me on LIVE until Friday night.

P.S. Ghostbusters review should be posted soon. Sacred 2 is growing mold in the draft board, so you'll have to be patient on that one. It's done, but you'll see it when you see it. I'm off to eat Chinese, swim, and play some Tiger Woods. Have a goon one everybody! =P


  1. Wow I am jealous with what your getting, it sounds luxurious!

  2. Well, the Chinese Buffet turned out to be the worst I've ever been too... I LOVE sushi, and theirs made me gag. Terrible food, unfortunately. Everything else has been sweet though.

  3. You sir, suck. Good day.

    But seriously. Good for you!

  4. Damn you Thrawn, damn you! :p

    I also managed to get a managing position in a factory for the summer. However my stupid ass company won't even foot my gas bill for the 160 mile round trip every day. Enjoy the luxuries while you can. MWHAHAHAHAAHAHA.......I dunno why the evil laugh but it just can't be that good without a snag ;).