Saturday, June 27, 2009

Night of a Thousand A**holes

Ok, I don't normally double post in one day, but I need to blow off a little steam. Tonight's gaming sessions certainly weren't what I needed to get back into gaming. Point Lookout was excellent, but every single time I stepped onto Live today, I ran into assholes. I mean every single time!

Of course, there are jerks on Live, but what are the odds of running into all of them in one night?

It began in Tiger '10, where I was trying to earnestly go about my business playing in online games with other people to get a feel for it. Right off the bat I right into some dick who keeps giving me crap about how low my character's stats are. Excuse me for not playing the game constantly to get my stats up totally, and wanting to play with a WIP character. I didn't know that's illegal. So, of course he starts bitching to someone next to him that he's going to have to "carry the team" until he realizes we're not on the same team. He makes racist remarks about the two players who aren't talking. He asks me why I'm such a "Star Wars fag," and is a genuine, all-around human sack of shit who has to ruin the fun for everyone else. I last 2 holes before muting the bastard. Then the host quits and the game ends... and I'm in no mood to try playing with anyone else after that.

So, I figure I'll cool my jets with a friendly game or two of Magic: The Gathering online. My first game is a 4-player game where everyone singled me out for elimination... then the host quit when I started to be able to hold my own in a 3 on 1, and push them back (I'm Thrawn. I will do that to you.).

Next game, my opponent doesn't like his hand, so he takes a mulligan, and another, and another, until he has no cards left in his hand. He quits before the match even starts.

For the Third game, I have terrible hands, and I'm getting no lands. My opponent should steamroll me. Then it says the host quit. I definitely DID NOT quit the game, as I joined up with him. It's possible there was a disconnect, but it was certainly nothing intentional on my part. I'm man enough to take a loss. The asshole send me this message:

DON TOP SHOTTA: You are a disgrace.

I sent him a reply telling him to chill. I don't know what happened, but I certainly didn't quit on purpose. He replies:

DON TOP SHOTTA: liar you should NEVER represent xbox in any way, shape or form. DISGRACEFUL GAMING. due rep sent.

Due rep? LMFAO dude. Yes, I have nothing to do with my life but scheme to quit games I'm going to lose and then lie about quitting because I live in fear of your righteous indignation. You know what's disgraceful? Your attitude, and your need to harass me about a disconnect I had no control over. Really? Grow up.

So, after going several hours without a single positive thing happening on Live, I gave that up to go mess around in Point Lookout some more. Great expansion. Now I'm just stepping away from the xbox all together for the night. Tomorrow will be more online testing of Tiger, and possibly the start of writing the draft. Thrawn writing a review for a sports game... that should be interesting.

OK, I've had my vent. I feel better now. Seriously, what possesses people to be so rude?


  1. Makes me wonder why they're spending £40 a year to have Live if that's what they want to do.

  2. I hate to say this Thrawn but that's the United States for you. Trust me I've ran into my fair share of assholes on Call of Duty 4 and it's best to ignore them and go along your way.

    I for one, and others too, have seen a rapid increase in a** holes on Xbox Live in the past months. I don't know if they all decided to come up from under their rock all at the same time or what, but it's getting annoying running into them.

  3. After we had our talk in Party Chat I ran into a total ass in Fight Night Rd 4. Message wars over xbl ftl.

  4. Lol I would have paid to experience this :)Lol @ Sabre, i'll fight those wars for you scarcasim is the best killer and makes stupid people realize they are being stupid.