Monday, June 15, 2009

Rule of Four Put to Pasture... For Now

The Rule of Four was designed to keep me bouncing between games so I didn't grow bored or frustrated, and would successfully complete more games, and yet here I am, bored and frustrated. Let's take a look at the current four:

1. Sacred 2 (100+ hour project, need a break from)
2. Infinite Undiscovery (100+ hour project, STILL on break from)
3. Wallace and Gromit (which I don't really want to play TBH)
4. Wolfenstein 3D (almost complete)

Having two 100 hour projects running at the same time probably wasn't a good idea, but as it stands, Wolfenstein is the only game I feel motivated to play. The fact that Ghostbusters and Tiger Woods 10 are coming this week doesn't work well with this system, but Review Team needs come first.

I've though of simply giving up on completion percentage, but my inner perfectionist won't allow it. The quest for 75% or better can't be stopped, and thus I feel I'm the Frustrated Completionist. Always seeking to improve my percentage, yet any progress comes very slowly (I'm still over 25,000 points shy of 75%...)

So, here I am with yet another post on how I'm going to try to change the system, and hoping that maybe things will work this time. I like the idea of the rule of four, but for now I'm making it more of a 'suggestion' than a 'rule.' I remember I made great progress in January on Operation Jedi by bouncing around between my games however I wanted, and trying to make some progress in the game I felt like playing. Until my general gaming burnout recedes, that's exactly what I need to get back to, to keep gaming fun, and not feeling like a second job.

In an earnest effort to get my completion up, I'm going to try to hold to at least two completions per new game added to the card (games for review are exemptions, and the ever-present wild card to my completion ambitions), and I'll be using gamefly mostly for clean-up purposes for the next couple months. Hey, I'm getting Prince of Persia from them, so that clean-up is actually going to be fun. Once I've made some progress through bouncing around, then I may pick up some new titles.

Hopefully (I know I've said this 100x before) this new approach works. It did back in January, so as long as I don't go crazy putting new games on my card, I have fair reason to expect it to again...


  1. I remember you did a blog before stating the rule of 4 is going to be a suggestion and not a rule, looks like you stuck to keeping it a rule and as a result it's burnt you out lol.

    Keep working on the 100+ hour games though, they get majour kudos remember. :)

  2. ...Gears anyone?

  3. I'm still waiting for Title Update 4.