Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Blog Feature Coming: Ask Silva!

I had a recent flash of inspiration last night, which my friend Silva was quite happy to go along with (which is good, since he'll be doing most of the work), and thus, a unique new feature will be coming to this blog soon.

BL4CK SiLv4 is frequently the life of the Xbox Live Party, and doesn't hold back on sounding off on the things that irritate, infuriate, and annoy him, and the ensuing rants are frequently hilarious. "Ask Silva" will be modeled after the advice columns we've all seen in newspapers. Silva will be asked an open-ended question, and he'll have the opportunity to ramble and rant to his heart's content. Eventually, Silva may take questions from the audience, but to get things started, I'll be asking the first few questions.

Look for "Ask Silva" to be a weekly or bi-weekly part of this blog, depending on how he takes to it. We're still getting this segment rolling.

The first segment of "Ask Silva" will debut as soon as I hear back from Silva. He has a pair of questions to work with, but I can't get replies until x360a is back up. The first question is about the Gears 2 multiplayer experience... enjoy!


  1. Soon to come...I will try to keep the profanity at a MAXIMUM, with the inclusion of multiple asterisks of course. And isn't that a tongue twister...asterisks... Shouldn't that be asteri? Like 2 clitorises should be like clitori or clitorati for a group of them? Bleh enough ranting, i'll finish up once I return from the gymnasty.

  2. I can't wait to hear what Silva has to say!

  3. lol good start! penii? I see your logic! =P

  4. Post will be up tomorrow. Possibly tonight if you guys beg Thrawn hard enough :-D