Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Merry Apartment Tidings

NJC Omega says: "Enjoy the luxuries while you can. MWHAHAHAHAAHAHA.......I dunno why the evil laugh but it just can't be that good without a snag ;)."

There is a catch: Once this training ends, I'm actually going to have to WORK lol. I think it'll be challenging but rewarding work, and I gravitate toward leadership roles anyway, so it should be great, though it'll take a while to adjust to the lifestyle changes. For example, classes run from 7:30am to 4:30-5:00pm every day. That requires a big sleep schedule change for someone who loathes waking up before 9am.

Courtesy notice to my regular readership (all you awesome people): My gaming time is going to be significantly reduced for the next several weeks, as it, like everything else, is in a state of flux as I get used to my changes in lifestyle and schedule. So, most posts may be more about what I'm doing from day to day than what I'm playing. Gaming will remain important, as it's my #1 hobby after all, but its my blog and I'll write on what I feel like writing on, which will most often be what I'm up to (in so much more detail than what Twitter would ever give you). Some of my friends will care, and some of you won't be interested, which is understandable and fine. I aim to continue special topics (when I'm not working on 2 reviews at once), so check back as often as you like.

Also, Ghostbuster review is up (linked on the right), and Sacred 2 will be up tomorrow!!!

Today's Major Content:

I hate math. I loath it almost as much as I despise Twitter. There are only two times I ever enjoy math. The first is when we're talking about Gamerscore, the second is when I'm looking at my finances (and finding good things, not bad).

So, one of my main objectives, naturally, is to get an apartment of my own, and move out of my parents house. Independence is nice, and so will not having to spend 3 hours a day in communte (90 min each way), especially if I work morning shifts. I came to the amazing realization today that this dream can be realized much sooner than I had anticipated (assuming, of course, I find a satisfactory place.)

Now, I'm an open guy, but not so open I'm going to share my finances with the world, but let me give you a general outline at least. To be able to move out, I need a nest egg of cash, to be able to afford furnishings, rent, and be able to sustain myself (food, gas, all the bills). I need starter money. The epiphany was (and I should have thought of this sooner) that everything I'm making during this 8-week training IS my starter money. Walmart is paying for everything. My hotel. My travel (gas) expenses (I'm getting paid hourly for the drive time too). I got a food stipend. Basically, thanks to their generosity, my cost of living expences for the next 2 months amount to a grand total of $0. So, every dime I make in the next 2 months can be directly saved up for moving out.

As previously mentioned, I have a meal stipend. I did some grocery shopping at Walmart (I know, I don't think groceries when I think Walmart either, but 90% of their stuff is the same as what you'd get at Cub or anywhere else), and I realized I can feed myself pretty well for under $8 a day. Remember I have only a fridge and a microwave in my hotel room to work with, but I'll be eating much better than ramen noodles, trust me. So, most of my meal stipend is also starter money. I can be moved out and living on my own by my 23rd birthday. Isn't life grand?

I spent most of my day learning more about how to be an effective leader, and teaching and improving others. It's all good stuff to know, and I'm getting to know my fellow new Assistant Managers, and they're all great people. We'll all be moving on to different stores, but it's nice to start building that professional network. Tonight I need to find the hotel's workout room and run (I'm not going out in this heat... I don't want to die), hit the water park, and play a little Tiger 10. Later folks.

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