Thursday, January 1, 2009

Operation Interview, Part 1: Mixed Beginnings to a Long Quest

I've made it no secret I want to get a writing job in the game industry. With January being about the slowest month on the planet in terms of game releases, I figured now is the best time to try to reach out to the editors of various gaming magazines and web pages, in the hopes of having informational interviews with them to learn more about the industry and job, as well as get my name out there. If they're ever going to have the spare time to speak with a relative unknown like me, January is the month where that would happen.

So, I did so scouring of the internet to try to dig up contact information on the editors of various mags/sites. Results were mixed:
  • Official Xbox Magazine: Easy to find staff page, with emails. I appreciate this considerably, and will be contacting them.
  • Game Informer: Contact information also readily available.
  • EGM/1up: I found staff bios, but no great way to get in contact with them. I can leave a message and a prayer at, or will probably try logging into my 1up account and sending the appropriate people messages that way.
  • IGN: Pretty much the same as EGM/1up
  • Gamepro: Nothing... I have no idea how to contact their staff. I'll have to try posting in the site's forums or seeing if the magazine is more helpful.
  • Gamespot: Ditto... no clue how to contact the staff.
  • Nintendo Power: Doesn't even really have a site, as far as I can tell. Just subscription related stuff.
  • could not find a Playstation-centric magazine, but I thought there was one...
So, I'll be sending direct emails for OXM and GI, trying work-arounds for EGM and IGN, and figuring out if I have any shot at reaching someone at Gamepro or Gamespot. Perhaps the info was there, and I'm just too dumb to see it. I'll look again later.

Any gaming magazines (non-PC related... I know squat about PC gaming atm) or websites I missed and should look into? Let me know!

This was the first and most obvious cut of where I send emails. On a day where I actually plan on working (today is a vacation day), I will be looking into game developers/publishers and what writing jobs they may have on offer. I'm sure there are some, and my Sociology major can help open doors (I'm hoping) in community relations and management, in addition to writing.

Tomorrow's task is to compose the email I'll be sending out, requesting an informational interview, explaining who I am, why I'm interested, and my relevant experience. I plan on mentioning my review work for x360a and including links to a few of the reviews (probably Dead Space, Warhammer, and Fallout 3), so they can take a look at samples of my writing, if they choose.

Once those emails have been sent, I'll be writing up a list of questions I'd like to ask during an interview, so I'm ready if an email or call ever come.I refuse to be unprepared for something so important to me.

Tomorrow I also have to get back to work on my research, so I'll be a busy bee tomorrow. Taking a break in the evening for some work on Operation Jedi will be quite satisfying.

That covers me for today. Happy New Year, everyone, and have a great time gaming =P...

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