Friday, January 16, 2009

So Close I Can Taste It

For the next several days, blog updates are going to take the form of achievement progress or research updates. Or, if Skate 2 shows up, there will be no posts at all until that review is done. Don't be surprised if I vanish from posting for several days, as I'll understandably be extremely busy on that review.

I'm also saving special topics for next week. I've been dropping a bunch of them lately, and want a little time to think up some more topics, as well as consider those topics, so when I do post special topics, what I'm saying is quality and not junk from off the top of my head.

On to some actual content...

Final victory in Condemned 2 is so close I can taste it. I finally got that last gold ranking and Perfect detective ranking. I turns out I kept missing the SKX writings in the boathouse on mission 7. The advisory for it was one tiny line in the guide I was following, which I simply skipped over. The SKX writings only came to my attention when looking at drno's gold guide in the x360a forums. As I'd hoped, I got together with 4 people and boosted the remaining multiplayer achievements, so now I'm sitting at 950/1000. I only need to finish 2 more missions on hard and this baby is complete!

Condemned 2 will be the 30th retail game I've completed. That's not a lot to some of you 100k+ readers out there, but I'm quite happy with that total. Condemned 2 isn't an "Easy 1000" either, so having it on my card is one more respectable 1k to add legitimacy to a score that has so many super-easy completions from GSL VI. I feel the need to balance easy completions with more moderate or challenging fare, and this is a step in that direction. I'll also be 1970/1970 for the Condemned franchise (I enjoy having perfect sets when and where I can).

Considering I purchased the game for $10.86 a while ago, and have received 20-25 hours of quality entertainment from it, I'd say I got my money's worth and then some. A 910 point pickup for Op. Jedi is nothing to sneer at either. Once I get these last two missions completed, my attention will turn to improving Alone in the Dark. I will eventually have to rent Silent Hill to get the 3-star horror badge, but with a maxed-out Condemned 2 and Alone, I wouldn't need many of Silent Hill's points to get it.

I also wasted a few hours on yet another Orochi grind. I inch ever so much closer to that unbearably long 1k.

So you all tomorrow... or not, if Skate shows up...

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