Saturday, January 31, 2009

NEWS FLASH: Orochi 2 1000/1000 at Last!!!

This is not the main post for today. Scroll down for the January review, which is the main post of the day. However, for me, this is big enough news to merit its own freaking post =)

After 4 full months of on-and-off effort, Warriors Orochi 2 has finally been completed. As you can see, I've been at this for a while (55 days says 360voice):

I've also had a lot to say about the game and the long trek to completion:

Warriors Orochi 2 Nearly Destroyed My Hobby: A Cautionary Tale

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Orochi 2 Must Die

Those are just the posts explicitly about Orochi 2... It was probably mentioned in other posts, as well. I endured the grind, I replayed every level 4 times... This is one of the most impressive completions on my card, as so few people take the time to get through everything. I'm happy to have it finally finished.

I'd like to extend a HUGE thanks to my roommate Stefan, who helped me play through over a hundred levels in local co-op. Two people plowing through levels made the whole thing go much, much faster. I owe you big.

If you don't think 1k in Orochi 2 is impressive, I challenge you to try to get all the points yourself. That'll change your mind in a hurry.


  1. Congrats to you. But now what game will give you long grinds to listen to DT?

  2. Congrats man, it's certainly something to be proud of.

  3. EDF 2017 armor grinds and "Completist" in Dynasty Warriors 6 spring to mind right away. After a little thought, "No Life" in Unreal Tournament 3, kill grinding for Seriously 2.0 if I wanted to, attempting the dojo achievements in VF5, buying all items for all characters in Soul Calibur 4, collection hunting in Crash: Mind over Mutant, and Shrek the Third, Xmen, Transformers, and Superman (those whole games) all sound like DT listening experiences. The love for them won't end soon =)