Sunday, January 4, 2009

MUA is starting to bore me

NOTE: Due to my last post arriving a little after midnight, this will appear as the second post for today. If you happened to miss the post on blogging, read the post that comes just before this one.

I've been in a kind of gaming funk the last few days, where I really haven't felt like playing much. I'm starting to remember why I got rid of Marvel Ultimate Alliance when I did... the remaining achievements are a pain in the ass. Sure, I can self-boost the multiplayer achievements, but that will be time consuming and even more boring than an Orochi 2 grind. I also need to get every costume for every character, and gold medal every comic mission (there's 34). That amounts to multiple hours of tedious grinding... I seem to do that a lot. Almost all the points I've picked up here have been from the DLC, with the original points almost unchanged. With my interest in the game flagging, I'll probably bring Lego Star Wars II and Dynasty Warrior 6 back into play for some variety.

It says in my "upcoming posts" today that I would be talking a bit about gamerscore leagues and challenges, but I think I'm going to save that topic for another day. I'm just going to put my feet up, watch some Aqua Teen Hunger Force on DVD, and try to get a few more hours of gaming in, before going to bed a little early tonight. For reasons to be discussed in tomorrow's post (and that post will be a big one) I'll be waking up a lot earlier than normal tomorrow. I'll leave today's short, since tomorrow will make up for it. Happy gaming all =)

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