Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm a Filthy, Dirty Liar

No special topic today... I'm still getting used to the college schedule, doing homework, and getting used to advanced qualitative research programs. Working to put together another GSL team has also been more time consuming than I had anticipated, but that task is nearly over, so I won't have to check my PM box on x360a so much. My team is running under the awesome name of "The Hand of Thrawn," which is totally a Star Wars reference. Since I don't have class until 2pm tomorow, I'll try very hard to finally write the special topic I've been wanting to do for so long.

Instead, I offer you a few updates, and ask you to indulge me for being a bit boring lately...

FALLOUT 3: The Operation Anchorage review is now posted front-and-center of the x360a main page, and is linked in the right column of this blog, so go check it out. As usual, Bethesda kicks ass.

THE MAW: I recently read on IGN that Twisted Pixel is releasing three new levels as DLC. These levels are said to be "deleted scenes," will cost 100 msp each, and come with an achievement each. As a huge fan of the game, I will pick these up as soon as they come out, which should be in March. It's too bad they could not fit in the 150mb limit for the game, but I loved The Maw enough to shell out some more cash. The only better game on XBLA is Puzzle Quest, and I probably put in close to $30 on that one, for the game + the DLC expansion.

RESEARCH: I've got all 20 blogs for my project converted to Word documents at last. That phase of the research was extremely long and boring. I'm now reading through some and generating a list of codes for the data, while I learn the research program I'll be using. It's one sexy program, as it should be... since it took about $550 of grant money to purchase it.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Been rather slow lately. I'm working on Puzzle Quest and Orochi 2 now, since they're too time consuming for the GSL. I like the way the bench system works for this league though, so I can take weeks off this time, instead of having to play all the time. This means I'll be able to switch up point whoring with breaks for Blue Dragon or (in the future) Resident Evil 5.

that will do it for today. So help me God, there will be a special topic tomorrow (lol).

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  1. Need a Dispenser Here!

    (seeing how i couldent say it in your Operation Anchorage review :p)