Thursday, January 15, 2009

Condemned 2 Nearing Completion

The points are continuing to come steadily, and I've been relatively good about sticking to just 1-2 games at a time. However, with the Argonauts review done, and the amount of time I've spent in Condemned lately, I'm feeling my attention beginning to drift off. To remedy this problem, I've mixed it up a bit. I spent a good amount of time today in another insane Orochi 2 grind, then played some Nuts and Bolts, as well as Soulcalibur 4, when I felt the need to actually have some fun with my gaming.

I managed to pull down 60 points in Banjo-Kazooie, which were mostly easy ones I could have gotten sooner. Speedy of the Colossus was unlocked using a blueprint my bro sent me a while ago... thanks man, it made those 25 points a snap. I'm now above the 750 mark in Nuts and Bolts, so the game is no longer an Operation Jedi liability. Since I love the Banjo franchise, I do hope to eventually finish it, but I'm at the part of the game where it's getting pretty challenging, and I've had little patience for frustration lately. I'll just try to chip away at it in bits and pieces.

In Soulcalibur 4, I picked up 80 points while working through the last of the stories. I've now completed story mode with every character except The Apprentice, whom I finally unlocked tonight. I followed the achievement guide to get "Equal Skill and Power" then earned Water Moon, Reversal Wizard, and Gathering of the Best on my own.

Tomorrow night I should have a boosting group going for the ranked MP achievements in Condemned 2, and should be able to easily finish off the remaining MP achievements. I want to go on record as saying I earned the vast majority of them legit, including over 950 of the 1000 kills, and all of SKX.

When I launched Operation Jedi, Condemned 2 sat on my card with a pathetic 90 points. The desire to up my percentage, as well as it counting for the new Horror badge on 360voice, provided me the motivation I needed to put the Scariest Game Ever back into my disc tray. Seriously, one of the reasons I stopped playing was that this is the only game to ever truly scare the shit out of my. Well, I finally grew a pair and made my way thought the whole game, and had my sweet revenge on the bums during my FPS mode playthrough. The MP has been a good amount of fun, so I earned most of the MP achievements legit.
Condemned 2 now sits at exactly the 750 needed to be an Op. Jedi success, but it'll be improving in the near future. Tomorrow's boosting should add 120 to the total, and I'm one gold-rank away from another 80 points, which would bring me to 950. For some reason, I can only get a "good" detective rating on mission 7 (the lodge) even though I've been following the MyCheats guide and scored Perfect on every forensics scene. Is that guide missing something? I'll have to try it again, I just hate running that mission over and over, since it's one of the longest missions in the game (or at least feels that way).
The MyCheats guide in question.

With all that done, the only thing left to do is survive 10 of the 11 chapters on Hard (1 is already done). That will indeed be a challenge, as I'm still not very good at blocking, and you die pretty fast on hard. If I can pull that off, I'll have really earned my completion for that, and can say I have 100% for the whole Condemned franchise thus far.

I'll be continuing to dance around various games. With Skate 2 coming in the very near future, I don't really want to get too into anything, since I'll just have to put it down and focus on the review anyway. Tomorrow will probably be a big research day, because I'm really starting to fall behind. It's simply too hard to focus at home. I need to do enough in the next week and a half to cover my ass, then I can have some long nights in the library during the opening weeks of the Spring semester, while my homework load will still be very light.


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