Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Inching Forward...

First, I have to start off with the big and easy-to-see news. Earlier today I hit the 70,000 milestone dead-on while playing Condemned 2. I had to pause the melee action long enough to save this image for posterity. Also on display below is the achievement that got me to that 70k. I currently have a lead of 4,346 points over my GSL captain Ducky Dan in our race to 100k. I believe it's the largest lead I've had on him since we started our friendly rivalry. Now, I just need to average 2,500 points a month to hit my goal of 100k by the end of the year.
Flambe (25g)
Splash, Shock and Fry

Yesterday my review copy of Rise of the Argonauts arrived, and became the first game I've added to my card since Operation Jedi launched. While I hate to know my percentage is going to go down for a while, I DID just score a free game, so I can't complain. While I could have played it on a different account, and thus not set back Operation Jedi, if I'm going to take the time to play and review a game, I'd like my points for that effort =) True to the policy I set forth in my very first post, I'm not going to offer any opinions on the game here until my review is done. I've already seen the wisdom in this, as my first impressions of ROTA definitely changed as time goes on. I don't want to mislead anyone before I've thought everything out. I take reviews very seriously.

Operation Jedi Success Story #2: Gears of War
Before the DLC achievements game out for the original Gears, I had 780 points, which makes it no problem for my completion goal, but the DLC turned that 78% into a 62%. so things had to be done. While I had already traded away my copy of Gears, my brother had not, so I borrowed his copy and self-boosted every DLC achievement except This! Is! Annex! which looks like it would take a year. I got my score up to 990 in the game, which is about 79%. True, this is hardly as dramatic an improvement as the 55 to 1000 change in Prey, but restoring my completion percent in this game to what it was before, and coming out ahead 210 points, sounds like a win to me. Holy cow was that boosting session boring though... I'm glad to be done with it.

Other Operation Jedi News:

Ducky and I also met up to boost the 125 points that come with the first Timeshift map pack. That pack is free, and we'd already boosted the other MP points during the GSL, so we thought it wise to go for the free points that were there for the taking. Turns out they were the easiest achievements I've boosted in a long time... even easier than Prey. It's too bad Timeshift failed to sell well, because it has the makings of a great online MP game. The maps are nice, I like the weapons, the action is fast, the time powers are cool, and there's a TON of customization options. I would happily play that game online if I could find enough other interested people to have an actual game.

360voice recently released the survival/horror badge, which has to be my favorite of the genre badges. It turns out I've already played 6 of the 7 games currently in the genre, and I had the 2-star version of the badge from day one. It turns out I also have an excellent shot at getting the almighty 3-star version of it too. Alone in the Dark and Condemned 2 both count for the horror genre, and both are on the list of games I really need to work on for Operation Jedi anyway. So, by trying to finish those two games, I can chase 2 badges at once... I love that. The only game I'll have to rent and play after that would be Silent Hill: Homecoming. I'm starting with Condemned 2 because I only had a lousy 90/1000 to start, and because it's by far the better of those two games. I love Condemned 2, it's easily the scariest game I've ever played, but I don't like the achievement list. There are far too many MP achievements, and I can't get to 750 in this game without unlocking a fair share of them, which brings me to this announcement:

I need a Condemned 2 boosting partner! I'm looking for someone reputable, but I'll post in the x360a forums and hope for the best if I can't find anyone. If you need to finish Condemned 2 as well, or know someone who does, please let me know!
I'm going to keep alternating between ROTA and Condemned until I can't stand one or both of them anymore, then something else will get cycled in. I'm horrible at staying with one game until I'm done with it, which is how I got myself in the completion percentage situation to begin with...

OPERATION JEDI TOTALS: I'm currently at 58.62%, which is (to my great surprise) actually slightly higher than the last time I reported totals (last Friday). I'm 19,557 points short of the goal, which means, despite adding ROTA to my card, and it's current point status, my efforts since Friday have still brought me 95 points closer to my goal. That doesn't sound like much, I know, but I did add another 1000 to tackle, of which I don't even have 300 yet. I'll definitely take the forward progress.


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  1. I got Condemned 2. I'll boost it with you. I need most of the online stuff.