Friday, January 9, 2009

A Quick and Dirty Post

This is a courtesy reminder that there will be NO POSTS on Saturday or Sunday. I'm going back to Eau Claire to visit my girlfriend, as well as my best friend/roommate, who just got back from studying abroad in Spain (at the same university my girlfriend went to, and my brother is at now). I haven't seen either of them in a while, so it will be a fun time. I'm planning on trying to rent that new CG Resident Evil movie and bring that up. I'm sure Amy would love it.

On the gaming front, more progress was made in Condemned 2 and ROTA. I'd say I'm now 3-4 hours from done (it's a little hard to guess but having the strategy guide helps). Look for the review to be up between Wednesday and Friday of next week. The final boss of Kythra is EPIC... but that's the only little tidbit I'll let sneak out. There's a reason they put a pic of it on the back of the package.

I don't know why, but I've been obsessed with Condemned 2's multiplayer these last few days. While I agree its lasting appeal is pretty limited, it's a LOT more fun than I was led to believe. I was talking with a guy earlier today who had both GoW2 and COD: W@W, and STILL would rather play Condemned online. While the traditional death match modes suck, Crime Scene and Bum Rush are amazing. I've played enough that I have 7/9 kills for SKX, and need only about 120 more kills for the serial killer achievement. I should have that in just a few more bum rush games. At this point, I've probably spent more time in the MP than the SP, and that feels really strange for a game like Condemned.

Well, if I get any gaming in over the weekend, it's probably going to be by Dynasty Warriors 6 with my roommate, who is really into those hack-'n-slash games, even more than I am.

Blog writing will resume as usual on Monday. That's a day where I'll be spending a considerable amount of time working on my research (I've been slacking off and it'll bite me in the ass if I don't step it up soon). I'll probably be trolling the web to do a quick study-up on Greek mythology, as I want to spice up my review with as many appropriate mythological allusions as I can (without being annoying, of course =p). That's right folks, I do work beyond playing the game and writing to make my reviews great =)


  1. Didn't know you also lived in Wisconsin.

  2. I go to college at UWEC. I live there when school is in session, in Minnesota on breaks.