Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Awesome Day of Writing

I was originally going to write about 3 games I want sequels to, but I'm going to hold that topic for another day, because I'm getting tired of writing today. Instead, I want to talk about all that writing I did today.

First off, I put in the work on coding and adding images to the ROTA review, which has now been published on x360a, and is linked on the right side of my blog, so go read it, if you haven't already =) That was about an hour to 90 minutes of work.

I'm going to quote from an earlier post for a sec (in reference to DLC):
"The crystal ball also predicts that x360a will be making one slight new advancement to embrace this change in the industry. What could that advancement be? The crystal ball says you should be able to see for yourself within the next month."

I'll admit I cheated and added one thing in the predictions I already knew would happen. With all the DLC coming out, and it's expanding role in the future, I suggested we do reviews for DLC, and outlined a format on how we do it. With some added input from Pants and Webb, we had a format ready to go for DLC reviews, with Webb's review of the Knothole Island DLC for Fable 2 being the very first one written and released. Thanks are probably in order for the Graphics Team as well, as I'm assuming they made the snazzy new headers and footers for them. Great work everybody! I'll be reviewing Operation Anchorage from Fallout 3 as my first DLC review at the end of this month.

I also got this baby for the effort:
Award Name: Bright Idea
Award Description: User has submitted an idea that has been implemented
Issue reason: DLC Reviews

Issue time: 01-14-2009 04:31 PM

I'm barely beyond the Rise of the Argonauts review, and already I have my next review lined up. Within the next few days, I'll be receiving a pre-release copy of Skate 2, which I'm expected to tear through as fast as I can so we have the review up on the 19th. Yeah, I'll be buying some energy drinks and putting looooong hours into getting that one done fast. It'll be like a review-writing marathon. This will be the second time I've received a game pre-release (Dead Space being the first), but the first time I'll actually have the time to get the review done and posted pre-release. Pre-release reviews are a big deal, so I'm looking forward to the opportunity to write another high-profile (and thus high-stress) review. I thrive under pressure =) I did Dead Space in about 3 days, so I know I can do Skate in 2 if I have to.

I also wrote a Road Map to 1000 for Warriors Orochi 2, which will hopefully be posted to the site. I know more about that game than I ever wanted to... and I LOVE Koei games...

During a stretch of the mid-afternoon, I was really bored (and needed a break between projects) so I got the random idea to see how many reviews people have written for the site. I've read a fair number of them during my time as a member of the site, and was curious about who was the most prolific review writer. So, I went down the line for every single review and wrote down the names of reviewers, and a tally of how many they wrote. Yes, I was that bored. Anyway, you might find this interesting.

Authors listed by gamertag, only top 11 contributors appearing:

1: jacakanpe- 38
2: The Pants Party- 29
3: Webb x360a- 26 + 1 DLC
4. graf1k and Bax x360a (tie) - 14
6. dz Bluntman- 9
7. ThrawnOmega- 8
8. EOU Findub, Otisfamily, rocket x360a, Creech - 6 each

The number 6 spot should be mine outright soon enough LOL, and I'm chasing number 4. I've read many of jackanape's reviews, but I couldn't believe he had a whopping 38 posted. That's some impressive stuff, my friend =) I'm not sure any of them can top the hilarity of My Horse and Me 2... OMG that review was funny.

So, I've done more than enough writing for today, and will call it quits here. Today's scheduled content will be moved back a few days, as I have achievement progress lined up for tomorrow.

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