Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MAWsome Game and Rando Attacks

Today, I picked up and completed all 200 points on a real gem of an arcade game: The Maw. In this game, players control the adorable alien Frank, and use his buddy, the Maw, to get through 8 level of platforming bliss. The game isn't long; all 8 levels and 200 points can be earned in one afternoon. However, this is truly some of the most fun I've had with an XBLA title in a LONG time. The graphics and sound track are incredible, and the gameplay on the whole is really top notch. You can also earn gamerpics and a premium theme for playing through the game. As an easy 200 with truly fun gameplay, I highly recommend The Maw.
I wrote the achievement guide and roadmap for x360a while I played through the game, and you will now find the on site by following this link:

With the new Gears of War 2 achievements now obtainable, I spent some time gaming with a couple of my GSL teammates (Derek and Silva) working on the Horde achievement for the Flashback maps (that's 50 rounds of Horde action). I love the Horde mode, and these points were a perfect excuse to dive back into it. I'm also happy to see that achievement progress updates appear far more often than before, and waves of Horde finally count for the Party Like it's 1999 achievement (as they really should have from day 1).
With today's points, I'm over 72,500, which is my milestone goal for January. Maybe I can get a little bit ahead, since I'll probably fall behind in March through May as I look for jobs. To even have reached the January milestone is good, since it assumed I started the year at 70k, while I was actually 2k short. So, I had to pull nearly 4,000 points this month to get on track, but I really haven't had anything else to do yet. Just a few more days til I get to go back to UWEC....

Today was also an attack of the randos (or randoms, people I've never heard of). I received 3 friend requests from randos, and none were followed by messages. As it says in my bio, I will not accept FRs that don't come with messages explaining who you are, how you've heard of me, and why we should be friends. I don't mean to be an ass, but I'm selective about who gets on my list, and want to make sure those people are reputable. If you're one of those randos, and you read this, please send a message next time so I have some idea who you are.

Some ass also took time out of his no doubt busy day to send me the following message:

Hells Reign 999 writes: "that has to be the gayest joker ive ever seen"

My response: My avatar is not meant to look exactly like the Joker. It's meant to look like me if I was dressed up as the Joker. There's a big difference there. And the Joker and I both have our Harley Quinns, so I have nothing to complain about.

I should also say I block communication for idiots, so if you send me one bad message, I'm not going to bother waiting for any more.


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