Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Jekyll and Hyde Game Completed

I forgot to post last night, as my gaming session went on until 12:30am, and I didn't feel like staying up any longer to write a post. So, today's post will cover two days. I haven't received Skate yet, and probably won't until Tuesday at the earliest, from the sound of things.

I completed Condemned 2, as well as the main subject of this post, bringing my total up to 31.

Operation Jedi Success Story #4: Alone in the Dark
I'll admit, I picked up the game for $6 two months ago because I heard it was easy gamerscore. After a few days of play, I was at about 460 points, but when games like Fallout 3 and Gears 2 began to dominate my attention, I put the game down and never looked back. The new Horror badge motivated me to go back and finish it.

Truly, this game is a case of Jekyll and Hyde. There are some great ideas in here, link the inventory system, combining items, the DVD-style game progression, with TV episode recaps... there's a lot here to like, but it's buried under clunky controls and was frustrating sequences (particularly in vehicles). I haven't sworn at a game as much as Alone in the Dark in a long time... There were simple checkpoints that took me over a half hour to get right. Yet, once I got into chapter 7, where I had free reign to go around the park and burn down roots, I started having fun. The music is extremely creepy, and the atmosphere of Central Park is well realized. I just wish the controls weren't so rough.

With this completion down, I'm extremely close to the 3-star horror badge. I'll just have to hunt down a copy of Silent Hill from somewhere, and that badge is mine!

I believe I'll be returning to Lego Star Wars II next. I'm only at 330 there, so there's still a lot of room for improvement.

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