Friday, January 30, 2009

Three Sequels I Crave

I'm back on track for daily updates, at least for the next few days. As Fridays are a busy social days, today's post is coming earlier than usual. If you missed yesterday's post on my Perfect Xbox 360 game, I suggest scrolling down an checking it out. Then kindly mail me millions of dollars so I can make it happen =P

Today, I want to talk about 3 games I want sequels to. I'm not going to be talking about inevitable sequels, like Dead Space 2 or Elder Scrolls 5, but good games that deserve sequels, but may never actually get them. To my knowledge, none of the games I'm talking about currently have sequels in development. Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm sure you will =P)

#3: Earth Defense Force 2017
The graphics are dated, the physics laughable, the gameplay shallow, the voice acting cheesy, the achievements are lame, and the character runs like he had a rebar rammed up his ass. Objectively, I should probably not like this game, and yet I can't get enough of it. I enjoy the game so much because the gameplay is shallow. Pick up the controller, blast giant alien bugs... repeat forever. This high-action blastathon never gets old for me, and is a great game to pick up and play when I'm looking for some fun, quick, and uncomplicated action. Playing local co-op with a friend makes the game even better. I wish more games were this simple to pick up and play, and have a great time with. If you've ever played an FPS in you're life, there will be no learning curve here. I got the game right when it came out, and it was about the best $40 I've spent on a game. I have close to 50 hours spent blasting aliens in that game, with no regrets whatsoever.

Unfortunately, I don't think the game sold very well in the US. While there will probably be a sequel in Japan eventually, I'm not holding my breath for a US release. Thankfully, this game requires almost no language skills to play, and a sequel probably wouldn't either, so if I ever fall to the dark side and by an NTSC-J console, and a sequel comes out, I'm totally importing it.

#2: Condemned 2
I believe a sequel to this one could happen, now that Monolith is done with FEAR 2. Condemned 2 was the scariest game I've ever played, standing absolutely head and shoulders above any other horror game. Nothing comes close to Condemned 2's superb use of lighting, sound, and screen effects to get in your head, while Ethan strolls through some twisted and bizarre environments. I had to stop playing for a while my first time through, because the Doll Factory freaked me out too much. I challenge the masochists out there to play this game on Hard late at night with the lights off... and preferably be home alone. You won't be getting much sleep that night. I can't praised Monolith highly enough for what they accomplished in that game, with a great melee system powering the action, an entertaining (though relatively short-lived) multiplayer experience, and the already mentioned atmosphere. I don't know how well Condemned 2 ultimately sold, so penny pinching may be the reason this horror classic never gets a follow up. It'll be a shame if things end up that was, as I'm itching to beat down some Oro.

#1: Prey

This game was supposed to have a sequel... I remember not that long after Prey's release hearing that it was in development. Fast forward a year or two, and a recall reading that a Prey sequel was being "considered." Right now, I have no clue if the sequel to this game is actually in development or not, or if we'll ever see it.
Prey make its unique mark on a system crowded with shooters by making maximum use of its strange gravity-defying level design, and a unique story emphasizing Cherokee mythology (how often do Native Americans appear in games as people, not stereotypes?), and distilling in players a sense of powerlessness in the face of a massively superior enemy. While the main character Tommy was rather 1-dimensional, the gameplay was great, and I felt drawn into a universe that was surprisingly well realized, though a few questions remained. [SPOILER] The ending, where Tommy steps through a blue portal to meet another super-being or group of them dripped potential for an equally epic follow up, with the final "To be continued..." failing to provide us any resolution. I want to know more!!! [END SPOILER]

With the advances in gaming since Prey's release, a sequel could easily take the gravity defying action to a whole new level, though I admit, with the crowded FPS market on the 360, Prey 2 might have an uphill battle to win over people who didn't play the original. Still, for the story alone, I highly desire a sequel to the game.

That's it for this installment of games I want sequels to. Tomorrow, I'll be reviewing the month of January, highlighting key achievement successes, gaming notes, and mentioning a few good posts some of my newer readers may have missed =)


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