Sunday, January 25, 2009

Orochi 2 Must Die

I'm now moved back into Eau Claire, and classes begin tomorrow. My class load is super easy this semester, as I'm only taking 13 credits (only 3 actual classes), so I can work on my grant research and try to find myself that important thing called a JOB. The quality of blog posts should be on the increase again over the next couple days.

If you've seen me online lately, you'll notice I've been playing Warriors Orochi 2 almost exclusively the last few days. I really, REALLY want that game done and over with. Thankfully, my roommate is as into the Dynasty Warriors games as I am, and has been helping me out. Having two players co-op the levels makes things go considerably faster. Right now, we've finished off 4/5 factions stories, and are half through the last remaining campaign.

With the Dream levels, we've completely finished off 5, which leaves 23. There's still about 80 total levels left, but progress is coming much faster now, and I no longer have to manufacture Almighties. There's a small chance we'll have this game done by the end of January, but if not, it'll be done in February.

Tomorrow I'll have a special topic up.

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