Friday, February 20, 2009

We Took Thursday Off...

Thursday was not as successful as the opener by a long shot, as I think many of us were busy. I gamed as much as I could, but I had 4 hours of class as well as some homework to complete. In the evening, my girlfriend stopped by and we watched Burn Notice. That show is awesome and no GSL is going to make me give it up lol. I'll make up that hour later =P We hold the #8 spot, with Ducky's Angels right behind us, and Rogue Squadron seems to be taking a while to lock their S-foils into attack position... they're at #14. With only 300 points to show for last night, I'm looking at a busy weekend.

JJBDude48 writes: "Not So Silent Ninjas will remain a threat throughout. Just because we haven't had an amazing start like the rest doesn't mean we won't threaten you. Game on. ;) lol"

I would be highly disappointed in your team if you didn't remain competitive with us. If KOTOR leaves us all in the dust, it's this rivalry I'm looking to to keep me motivated to blast points, so I want you to stay in it. I want to beat you (naturally), but it should be a challenge. Rogue Squadron is the team we want to leave in the dust LOL.

I need to learn to curb my impatience in competitions like this... I'm want some of the teams that will fizzle and die to just do so already... I'm forgetting that that takes a couple weeks. Two or three of the teams currently ahead of us won't be staying near the top for long, if my pre-season predictions pan out. Positions #10-18 don't surprise me, except I thought LOL-ers were going to be serious. They might be, it just doesn't look that way yet.

Since my first short story for my 400-level creative writing class is due next Friday, I'm going to be spending a good chunk of my morning and afternoon working on it. Tonight until the cuttoff, I'll be going mad on those points. Scene It won't finish itself...

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