Thursday, February 19, 2009

So Far, So Good

I forgot the mention, the Onechanbara review is up, so go check that out if you have not already.

The GSL started almost exactly how I expected it to. KOTOR is already up and playing mind games while ego stroking. No surprise there. Their egos are black holes that would suck up the universe if they could =P

As I type this, my team is exactly tied with Team Vengeance at 5,655 points, and we sit at 6th. Considering they had a guy quit on them, that's one team I'm not too concerned about ATM. While I'd naturally like to see my team a little higher on the standings, everyone is at or slightly ahead of where our pre-week forecasts had us, so I can't really complain.

I put down 1,205 points last night, including the 340 long-delayed points from Onechanbara, and the rest from Brothers in Arms or Scene It: BoS. Scene It is a lot more fun that what I had expected. My roommate and I have had fun trying to answer the questions, even though I'm obviously going to win every game for those points. Brothers in Arms is like a mediocre Rainbow Six set in WWII. The game's not terrible, but Vegas 2 is infinitly better. I'll take the points though and not complain... in a few weeks I'll be playing much, much worse (foreshadowing FTW) *cringe*

Should my team not win the GSL, we still have three side missions:

1. Everyone scores the best they possibly could have, so we all see great increases and have a blast.
2. Outscore the new team from our former captain, Ducky Dan (the Not So SIlent Ninjas, aka Ducky's Angels =P)
3. Outscore THE CRAP out of Rogue Squadron, the team silly enough to specifically target us as rivals =) They don't know what they got themselves into...

SO far, we're succeeding in all three of those missions. Woot! Still a lot of time left, of course.

You can follow GSL scoring HERE. It updates hourly during the scoring week.

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  1. HA, loved the Onechanbara review. I can tell you had a bit of fun with it too. I'm off to Rome, good luck with the GSL.