Saturday, February 7, 2009

GSL Prep: Operation Overdrive

As usual, when ever I come up with a goal for myself, I have to call it "Operation" something. It's dumb, but over-dramatic titles for my goals give me more motivation to see them to the end than if I said, "Hey, I should probably get busy on X." Since it's a personal habit that I know works, why stop?

Welcome to the not-so-glorious side of trying to be competitive in a GSL...

The newest operation in my list of them is Operation Overdrive, effective NOW through Feb. 18th (conveniently when the GSL starts). Overdrive isn't a glorious operation, indeed, it'll be a long, boring slog of an experience. Basically, from now until the league starts, I'm going to be spending double or more the amount of time I normally do on homework, so I have time to play without setting myself back academically. This means getting in the habit of doing the whole week's homework on Sunday night and Monday, when the GSL would be in recess. With my light schedule this semester, that's really not as hard as it might sound to someone with a 15+ credit load. I'm also trying to jump-start the long-term projects, like the two short stories I need to write for my 400-level creative writing class.

The real beast of this goal will be plowing through my sociology research. During the weekdays, I'll be spending obscene amounts of time in the sociology research lab, reading World of Warcraft blogs and coding all that data. As someone who's never played WoW, it's not something I can do for more than an hour or two before losing all interest. This project is time-intensive, and I'm contractually obligated to complete it (I'm being paid $2100 after all), so failing to get it done because I was busy with a videogame league would be an extremely retarded thing for me to do. So, between now and the GSL start, I'll be spending about 6-8 hours a day on my research, every day Monday through Friday, which means a minimum of 42 hours invested by the time the GSL starts. Hopefully, that'll be enough progress that I'll only have to work on it Mondays and Tuesdays during the GSL and meet the deadline, but we'll see. Work comes before points. I may be scheduling my weeks on the bench around my research needs.

I haven't even wanted to play games much lately, when the league is so close. I'll continue to chip at Stranglehold every now and then, as well as Lego Star Wars, and possibly Blue Dragon and Dynasty Warriors 6. DVDs I've been meaning to watch but have not are more likely to get my attention though. There will be more than enough gaming later.

Since there probably won't be much gaming progress to report, I'll try to work up some special topics and commentary to fill the space until the league starts.

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