Monday, February 16, 2009

The Anticipation is Killing Me...

Over the last two weeks, I’ve scored a lousy 220 points. Those points have come from games like Puzzle Quest, Stranglehold, and Dynasty Warriors 6, which will be virtually untouched when the league starts. It’s not that I hate not scoring a ton of points… it the fact that I could be scoring points and I’m deliberately holding back that is killing me. I need the gloves to come off. NOW. Do you know how hard it is to play Onechanbara for 10 hours and have 0 points to show for it? To only play the games on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection that don’t have achievements, so nothing accidentally pops? Right now, I’m actually trying to survive all 280 waves of survival mode in Onechanbara… that’s a hell of a personal achievement, but there’s no points in it. Thankfully, it’s possible to save and quit, because doing all 280 waves in one sitting would probably take 10 or more hours! I’m currently on the 115th wave.

Some Vegas 2 multiplayer, the subscriber Uno tournament (which my teammate Bishop won), and watching episodes of the Venture Brothers has kept me happy enough, but I like scoring points when I’m playing… Just a few more days!
Sabre x360a

To my sorrow (and every other team’s delight), Operation Overdrive has been a dismal failure. I don’t have my short story done, and research is taking 3x longer than I thought it was. That means my dream of 3 intense work days and nothing but gaming during the GSL week will never come to fruition. It would have been nice, but I can’t ignore responsibilities to play games.

Week I will be amusing. Every team is going to go big and try to make a name for themselves. It’ll be a chest-thumping ego fest. The more interesting thing will be to see which teams go big then fizzle, which teams are consistent, and which teams are Dead On Arrival. The rivalries with Rogue Squadron and Ducky’s team need to get going for real =)


  1. I remember playing Blazing Angels for ages and getting 0 gamerscore. It was very depressing. lol.

    Whilst awaiting the league start, take some time to prepare the games that will give you the most achievements points in the shortest amount of time.