Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Mess With Tradition

I'm going to keep today's post short, as once we're allowed to start scoring points, I need to go nuts that first afternoon the take the edge off of only getting 220 points in 14 days, and have some work I'd like to get done first...

When I was in high school (already seems like a long time ago), I was involved with our Drama department, acting in a whole bunch of plays. Just before every show, about 10 minutes before the curtain opened, the ladies would go off to do their own getting ready ceremony, and we guys had our own.

To get jazzed up for the show, we would listen to one specific song, jump around, and act like idiots. I didn't invent that tradition, but if it works, why stop? (I may pass on the jumping part this time lol) To get ready for the next show (GSLs are really multi-week nerd soap operas), I present the song we used. Time to get ready.

You don't mess with tradition.

*Explicit Lyrics*

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