Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Op. Jedi Success Stories

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With the GSL coming, and the freakish amount of work I'm trying to get done (my MMO research is taking 3x as long as I thought it would...), my gaming progress has slowed to a crawl. Lego Star Wars II locking up on me in the middle of a level didn't help my mood much, either. However, despite the annoyances and setbacks, a little progress has been made, and I can therefore present two more Operation Jedi Success Stories.

Operation Jedi Success Story #5: Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
This is one of the most time consuming (though great) XBLA games out there. Getting the full 250 took well over 20 hours, but every hour of that time was fun. Puzzle Quest was worth every penny for the game and the DLC expansion. Sitting on my card at 125/250 for a long time, I decided it would be a fun game to work on pre-GSL, so I was chipping away at it in bits and pieces, and finally completed it yesterday be forging a Godlike item. Lord Antharg, the final boss of the DLC line, was nearly impossible for the longest time, but when my roommate showed me an item that heals disease every turn, the battle became super easy, as Antharg's whole ability to win revolves around disease. Puzzle Quest is easily the most satisfying arcade completion on my card.

Operation Jedi Success Story #6: Unreal Tournament III
For the longest time, this game lamented in the high 600s. While getting it to the 750 Operation Jedi standard isn't as dramatic as some other projects I've done, I'll take it. I was able to get "Equal Opportunity Destroyer" for winning a ranked game of every time, which I thought I would never get, since 6 people are needed to boost the team modes. Luckily, while playing some Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with Silva and some of his friends, we realized we had 6 people on who owned UT3, so it made sense to knock that out, since we didn't know when we'd have such an opportunity again. I only needed a CTF win, but I helped everyone else get their wins too. Add 20 points I never thought I'd see to the board. I've also picked up the invisibility time achievement in the last couple days. I'm gradually working on the "No Life" achievement, while trying to get wins on every map, and play 100 warfare matches. So, I'm chalking this up as an Operation Jedi victory, but work on it continues. 910/1000 is probably my limit though... 500 ranked wins (50g) and Like the Back of My Hand (40g) seem like far too much of a pain in the butt to bother with. I'd seriously rather grind all my officers to level 50 in Dynasty Warriors 6...

I'm withholding detailed Operation Jedi statistics until after Week 1 of the GSL. Why? Because I actually expect my completion percentage to bump up a bit. Even if it doesn't, it will by the end of Week 2 =)

Images from x360a, as usual.

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