Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Op. Jedi Bloodied, but not Forgotten

It's been a long time since I wrote an update on the progress of Operation Jedi, but I haven't forgotten about it. The long-term goal of hitting 75% completion remains, though it's seen some setbacks during Week I of the GSL had some successes, but also several setbacks, on the road to this goal.


Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (900/1000): I was able to make it through the whole campaign, and I stayed sane through the whole timezone manipulation process to get the Obsessive achievement. That's one of the dumbest achievements ever.

Scene It? BOS (1040/1250): This game was a lot of fun, and I'll eventually rerent it or buy it cheap to finish off the DLC achievements and the rest of the points. It was my favorite game of week I.

Shrek the Third (830/1000): This sat on my card at 80 points for an eternity. I finally decided to go back and play it on normal, going for all the collectable achievements, and ignoring the Grimm difficulty achievement. Doing that, picking up most of the points wasn't too hard. However, this really isn't the type of game you should play for five straight hours... I was beginning to go stir crazy.


Afro Samurai (490/1000): I now have a new hole on my card. Hopefully I can eventually get this one up beyond 750.

Onechanbara (370/1000): Terrible game, and it's highly unlikely I'll get this one over 750. I love hack-'n-slash games, but this one was a bad mistake.

FIFA 06 RTFWC (50/1000): I can't score goals. I can't play soccer games. I'm now stuck with this on my card since I popped the super easy "Win on Perfect" by team swapping. I'm optimistic this one can be fixed eventually, I just hate the idea of trying to get good at a soccer game. I don't care for the sport... give me Maddens and NCAA Footballs instead, please.

Dark Sector (210/1000): Another game tacked onto my card near the end of the week as I scrambled for ammo. This game is pretty fun, and certainly worth the $9.99 I paid for it. It's status as an Operation Jedi failure is temporary. Eventually, I know I can get the 800 offline points, at least. I hear the boosting isn't fun at all, unfortunately.

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (530/1000): Don't let the "under 5 hour" rumors you hear fool you. It's only quick if you have mad retro gaming skills. Sure, many of the points are easy, but Sonic Spinball, Mean Bean Machine, Flicky, Vectorman, and a few other game achievements have not been easy for me. This one will also pass 750 eventually, though I'm not sure how long it will take. Post-GSL, I'm looking forward to playing the old-school RPGS on this disc, and playing Vectorman, which is more fun than I remembered.

Completion Percentage: 60.86%
Distance from Goal: 18,014 points

Distance from 1% badge: 2,876 points! I'm so close! Can I get it by the end of week III?

That's it for today. I'm going off to make my team an alternate GSL sig for later in to competition. It'll be hilarious.

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