Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daily Musings

The Onechanbara review is done, and now merely awaits some peer review and then posting to x360a. Since Webby appears to be busy on more important titles like Halo Wars and the Lost and Damned GTA IV DLC, I can't say when he'll have the time to look at it. It'll probably get buried in the stack pretty quickly after posting, which is a shame, since I brought my sarcasm out to play =P

Part of me wonders what will happen to my readership once the GSL starts, since a fair amount of my readers are also competitors in the GSL. Will everyone vanish to go beast points, or keep tuning in to see what I've been playing. The daily updates won't be stopping... I make the time for this. I'm even working up some special topics, as a part of my plan to keep this blog running as smoothly as possible, even while I'm going point-crazy.

Since the whole thing starts tomorrow, it would be kinda nice to know how the official tracking system is going to work; I think a lot of us are clueless. I'm having my team log into DoD during the specified window, but not score anything, since scores are taken at the end of that window and the points would not count. I'd encourage all teams to wait until those start scores are posted before scoring anything, so you know you're safe.

Strangely, virtually all of my friends are going back to their hometowns for the weekend. Every flipping one of them, each for a different reason... bizarre. Amy will be gone, and Stefan too... no girlfriend, no roommate... I was planning on going out on Friday night and being social like a normal person, but with no friends around, it looks like I'm gaming by default all Friday and Saturday... I'll have to notch up my weekly estimate a bit as a result (that estimate is classified information =P)

Time to get back to beasting... homework! Lame...............

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