Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another (Golden) Brick in the Wall

With the GSL just a couple weeks away, I've really been slowing down my gaming. I want to get as much work done on my 400-level creative writing short stories and Sociology research as I can before the league starts, so I have more time to play. The off-days of Monday and Tuesday will be the days I spend in the career center, I reckon. With my gaming hours so cut, my roommate is probably spending more time with my Xbox playing Puzzle Quest. I don't mind, since in a couple weeks I'll be pretty much hogging the thing.

When I am playing, my gaming has been extremely casual. I've been playing Stranglehold from Gamefly as something to tide me over until the league starts. I needed it for Operation Jedi anyway, as it was sitting at a 25/1000 for a long time. I'll mess around with it some more, then ship it back about 7-10 days before the league starts, so I can get an easier game back.

Puzzle Quest has been getting some love as well, as I completed the entire DLC quest line, and finally reached level 50. Now all I need to do is defeat Lord Bane and forge a Godlike item and that game is completed. As you can see from the number of days Puzzle Quest has been played (via my 360voice profile), I love the game. Hopefully Galactrix, the sequel, will be out pretty soon.

Also an the gaming roster has been Lego Star Wars II. I'd love to get this one done so I can start The Complete Saga when the GSL is over. I've been merrily replaying levels to meet the "True Jedi" stud requirements, for the most part, and earn those gold bricks. Having the x2 stud multiplier turned on makes those a lot easier. I'm now saving for the x4 multiplier. With both enabled, all studs are worth 8x as much, as I'll be able to get the most expensive items more easily. I really want to go on a shopping spree at the store now, but it would take too long to replenish my funds, and thus I'm saving for the multipliers.

I recently noticed that Venture Brothers season 3 is available on the video marketplace, while the DVDs won't be out for another month. Since I have the hard drive space, I've begun downloading the season. Stefan and I have been laughing our asses off... I've got to get Amy interested in this show LOL. I've also noticed that episodes of Afro Samurai cost half as much as if I purchased the DVDs, so I'll probably end up downloading an episode or two to check out the show. Since the Afro Samurai game is my next review, getting to know the original material probably isn't a bad idea.

That'll cover me for today folks. Happy gaming everybody.

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