Sunday, February 8, 2009

Messages from the Holonet (Episode 1)

Yes... It's 12:30am. Sunday's post is going up really early, because I'll be spending most of the day writing the Afro Samurai review, as well as a short story. That huge amount of writing means I get to cheat out a blog post early =)

I'm totally stealing an idea from Stallion on the posting of messages. I don't get as many as he does (thank God), but every once in a while I'll have enough total to merit posting. This is the first such instance.

ScarQueen writes: Tumnas still wants a kiss!

Context: ScarQueen is my girlfriend Amy's gamertag. Tumnas is the goat-boy (satyr?) in the Chronicles of Narnia, and the nickname of my former roommate... who does look a bit like a goat if he doesn't shave.

Answer: Bestiality isn't my thing. Get Betty to do it.

Bond x360a writes: congrats on orochi

Reply: Thanks man, there was much suffering involved, but it feels great to be done with Orochi 2 at last. Dream Theater saves lives. Let's all pray Koei never makes such evil achievements again.

BL4CK SiLv4 writes: BL4CK SiLv4 would like to add you as a friend.

(that was the message, Silva is already on my friends list).

Reply: Nice one, smart ass. It worked to get that first team meeting rolling. I loled.

xRogue 5x writes: i'm going to have to cancel our onichanbara race, i won't be able to play it until the league starts

Response: I too am saving this until the GSL, but I'll be playing it on an offline profile as soon as I get it, since I'll be writing the review. I'll be practiced and ready to rock it when the GSL starts. I would have smoked you anyway, so it's all good =P...

FinTacular writes: I just read on ur blog that you think that Dark Passion Play by Nightwish is the #2 best album ever. Just wanted (to) drop a message to (say) that I'm probably the only Finn reading ur blog and its nice to know that Nightwish is appreciated in the US. =)

(Re-added words probably omitted due to character limits)
See the blog post referred to HERE

Response: I'm surprised that that post has been one of the most attention-getting posts of any I've written. It's also nice to see my blog has some international readership =) Dark Passion Play is absolutely an incredible album, which I can never get enough of. Good music should be appreciated everywhere, though it can be tough for great stuff to be heard outside its native market, especially with American pop crap flooding the music scene world-wide. I'm glad Nightwish has made its way to the US, and I'm hoping more music makes its way here. I'm glad you also like Nightwish, and I appreciate the feedback =)

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