Saturday, February 28, 2009

Month in Review: February 09

It's that time again, the end of the month, and a look back at what happened. It was a pretty busy month, with lots of research and writing to do, as well as prepare for the GSL and get a team together. I was able to get a couple of my buddies from the last GSL, as well as some cool new people, together to form the Hand of Thrawn. So far, it's been a good time. We appear to have the #6 spot on lockdown for now, and must next begin the long, hard climb into the top 5.

February started off slow for points, but picked up considerably once the GSL started, as I scored a respectable 4,210 points the first week. Some of the stats will be listed below. In March the action will continue to heat up, and I expect to see three of my friends (Silva, Derek, and Bishop) cross the 100k line by the end of the month.

Reviews Written:
Afro Samurai
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

Next Month:
The Pitt (Fallout 3)
Don't know of anything else ATM... Resi 5? =P

Blog Special Topics:
Gamerscore Inflation: How More Points may be Bad for Us All

How Playing Bad Games can be Fun
Halo Wars Demo Impressions
Prima's Achievement Book Reviewed
Pants is my Hero
Three Authors You Should Read

Games Completed:
Oblivion (1250)
Puzzle Quest (250)
The Maw (215)

It was a rather slow month for completions...

Achievement Progress:

February start score: 72,930
February end score: 77,860
Change: +4,930 (Almost all from GSL week 1)

Completion percentage change: +0.27% (from 60.68 to 60.95)
Pretty pathetic month for Operation Jedi, wasn't it?

Distance from Op. Jedi goal: 17,900
(Percentage went up, but the distance from goal went up a lot more...)

Lead over x Ducky Dan x in race to 100k: 7,891 (+985 this month)

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