Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dragon Slain in Frenzied Duel

My 360voice challenge has come to an end, with me capturing 3rd place in a field of 72 people, with a final 30-day gain of 15,280 points! (Month in review will be posted tomorrow)

As previously posted, it was a competition for 3rd over the last few days, with DragonYen steadily eroding (and eventually taking) my lead for 3rd place. I managed to close the gap some, so he started just 35 points ahead of me going into the final 24 hours. It was as even a head-to-head for the final challenge-point earning spot as could be asked for. My problem was I needed ammo to have any chance. So, I went to Gamestop and picked up:

Madden 07 (got 600+ points for my $4 purchase! I like that ^-^)
Civil War Secret Missions (not as bad as I had expected.)
Secret Service
Sega Superstars Tennis / Arcade Unplugged

Spectral Force 3 (for post GSL and 100k play)

Madden 07 coughed up over 600 points through simming, while I sat nearby getting a significant amount of homework done (multitasking FTW). With those points on the books, I moved to Civil Bore, which required playing. I went through on Easy and got what I could, though I missed a few collectables. Civil Bore isn't too bad in terms of mechanics, it's just boring and completely unmemorable, with the single most anticlimactic ending of any game I've ever experienced.

I now have a little more ammo for the quest for 100k. Over 1000 points went down yesterday as I managed to pull beyond DragonYen (who put up 700+). I tip my hat to him for a well-fought duel. I really had to earn that 3rd place.

(read the following in an overly dramatic fashion)

With 7k remaining and just 2 weeks of GSL play left, does ThrawnOmega have what it takes to cross the 100k line before the GSL ends? Will he be the 4th member of Hand of Thrawn to do so this season? Will Hand of Thrawn ascend above 5th place? Will yet another KOTOR victory (yawn) bring about world peace? Stay tuned! Same point-whore time! Same point-whore channel!

EDIT: I've taken on Monsters vs. Aliens as my next review. Yeah for review team and GSL multitasking! I pray it's better than Bolt... I hated Bolt...

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  1. I have a feeling you won't be posting the Month In Review tomorrow as some kind of April Fool's gag. Well, you can't trick me!!! I'm not checking your blog until Thursday!