Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week III Final Thoughts

Things went decently, though not spectacularly, this week. I was too stupid to write down people's start scores, which is something I'll remember to do in the future. It looks like, with about 4,500 points, I was the team's top scorer this week, followed by Silva, then Derek, then Sabre. I think this is the second week in a row we've fallen short of our team goal... I'm not sure. As I said before, I messed up the numbers this week. Perhaps the goals I'm holding us to are too ambitious (I want to set high goals, but not be a slave driver), but I can say at least I nearly met my 5k goal despite losing nearly 2 full days of playing time.

Young Guns have pulled to within about 3k of us, so we'll have to watch out for them next week. In happier news, we picked up about 3.5k on Sinister Six, the next team above us, and Silva cracked 100k on the nose. Way to go Silva! Next week WILL be better, as Dark makes his much-awaited return to action after 2 weeks off, and is going to kick ass, and Bishop will be back in action. Sabre's going to be taking his first sit of the season, while I'm sitting again so I can work on the reviews for Stoked and Resident Evil 5, as well as get cranking on my research and homework, so Week V (my spring break), I can go absolutely point CRAZY. We're going to be toe-to-toe with Sinister Six for 4th place by the end of Week V, if things go to plan.

My week of crazy scoring moved me to #3 in the 360v challenge, though I'll fall to 4th by tomorrow. Still a lot of time left, but I can tell it will be quite tough to crack the top three. I'll do my best to make it happen. It was a pretty fun week, and week IV will be even better.

Completed games this week:
Sonic's UGC
Rapala's Fishing Frenzy 2009

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