Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Awaiting Week III

Tuesday was a slower day of gaming, as I really didn't want to go all-out when that's exactly what I'm going to be doing Wednesday through Sunday. I pretty much got done what I wanted to in Xmen and called it quits.

I'm rather irritated with Gamefly (or maybe the USPS) right now, as I've been screwed over this week. I mailed them back Scene It: BOS over a week ago, and they still have not received it yet. I reported it lost yesterday, hoping that will get the ball rolling on me getting a new game, but nothing has been sent yet, so I'm probably stuck on a single gamefly game this week. Lame! Despite this annoying setback, my weekly goal remains the same, though I'm really going to miss that extra possible 1k.

I'm also in a challenge on 360v, so that the points I earn count there too. You can follow the action of that HERE. I'm hoping to finish in the top three and thus rake in a nice haul of points (there's 70+ people in it). It'll be a tough competition though, as the current top two both started with scores under 10k, and they have people hooking them up with tons of easy games. There's also the fact that I can only put down points Wed-Sun for the GSL. So, it's an uphill fight, but I know how to score points. I can't wait for the gloves to come off again, so I can show them how its done.

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  1. lol I am in the same challenge and yeah I figured as much with Broken... Good luck in GSL and Ill see you on the top in the challenge