Sunday, March 29, 2009

Emergency Action Required

So, I went away for most of the weekend to visit some friends in St. Paul. I had a fantastic time, as it was all good food, party games, joking around, drinking (I got pretty high up in the clouds myself LOL) and some RE5. It was a total blast, and was 100% worth taking some time away, despite my original reluctance do to a lot of work I still have to finish.

When I got back I was planning on doing some homework and then spending an evening in Gears 2 MP, casually working the long quest for level 100. To my horror, I realize my #3 spot in my 360voice challenge is in major jeopardy. I thought I had a lock on #3 and the 900 challenge points that come with it, but DragonYen's sudden surge has me in fits. I don't want to see a month's worth of hard work result in 0 challenge points. This guy has to go down. This means, sadly, that instead of enjoying my brief break before GSL week 7, I need to go nuts on points tonight and tomorrow and hope my efforts are good enough to pull my ass out of the fire. Right now, I'm trying to sim 60 seasons in NCAA Football 07 while I get my homework done, then it's back to scoring in earnest. I'm going to have to do some massive clean-up action over the next 31 hours, and maybe rent something.

On the bright side, this will help me inch closer to 100k by the end of the GSL, but I'm already combatting achievement burn-out and the serious need to get some work done. It'll all work out (things always do), but I may be in a state of frenzied insanity until this freaking challenge ends.

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