Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Look to the Future

In less than 60 days, a very scary thing is going to happen... I'm going to graduate from college. I don't mind change (existing at point B when I used to be at point A) but I hate the transition phase (shifting from A to B). Graduation marks a very big transition, where I will have to go out and find a "real" job. What is an English and Sociology major good for? What kind of job could I actually get? While the search is young, I have some ideas of there to start looking:

Game Journalism

I realistically do not expect a game-related writing job fresh from college, but there's no reason not to try, right? I already have a portfolio of reviews thanks to my work for x360a, which I would like to pad with a few more editorials to be written for this blog. Then the resumes will fly, and we'll see what happens.

Publishing Houses

These are more of a gateway into game journalism than I thought, and I'll admit I shouldn't have missed the link, but hey, we all make mistakes. While jobs here may not be game related, they would be similar in nature to game journalism jobs, and require my writing skills in a professional setting, which would allow me to establish myself as someone who knows what they're doing.

US Census Bureau

Switching to the Sociology side, I'm pretty sure I could get a job in the US Census Bureau, and I assure you that job isn't as boring as it probably sounds. I'm skilled at data gathering and survey creation, and Soc majors have the knowledge of demographics and sampling procedures necessary for the job. ...Still sounds boring, doesn't it? I guess you just have to be a Sociology major... Government work comes with some good benefits, though I would not get rich. This obviously wouldn't help me much on the quest for game journalism, but I'll settle for happily employed for a while post-graduation.

Social Media Analyst

That's a job description, not a place. It's a pretty new title, and these people are responsible for analyzing blogs, social networks (facebook, myspace, etc.), web pages, and more, to determine the messages they're giving out, and how they could be received. These people often work with the marketing departments of companies, as I understand it. This is still something I need to look into more, but it sounds right up my alley, and could possibly even lead to a different sort of career in the game industry, depending on how things develop.

Where I'll end up is anyone's guess, and life as I know it ends on May 16th. Where things go from there should be... interesting, to say the least.

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