Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Look to the Weekend

Here's on tap for the next couple days, so you'll know I'm busy this weekend and not just being a lazy ass who doesn't update his blog as often as he says he will LOL =P

FRIDAY: I'm driving home from college to commence my Spring Break. Will be picking up RE5, and evaluating my local Blockbuster on their usefulness GSL week 5. I need to finish, edit, and code the Stoked review, and start playing Resident Evil 5.

SATURDAY: Complete RE5 if I haven't already. Finish Stoked review, if I have not already, then begin writing the RE5 draft. This will take most of the day.

SUNDAY: Make sure RE5 review is 100% complete and ready for posting upon Webb's return on the 16th. (I don't think I've had this high-profile a review since Gears 2. Looking forward to it!) Online boosting as necessary for Hand of Thrawn before the cutoff. Possible Halo 3 boosting session w/ jackanape (exact date TBD). General Operation Jedi work of non-GSL points.

MONDAY: A non-gaming day, for the most part. Will be working on some school work (which is soooo much fun on spring break), and possibly some resume writing and job searching. Plan on writing a blog special topic on Strategy RPGs, and their non-entity status on Xbox 360. The same will be the case for Tuesday and Wednesday. I need to get a lot of unexciting, but necessary, work done before I go absolutely point-crazy.

If I come up with some nice blog ideas, and need to take a break from review writing, I'll throw something up, but I make no promises. Good reviews take time... (I think I mentioned in a previous post that the average review takes me six hours to write, in addition to the time spent playing the game. Dead Space took about 8, and RE5 will probably be about that, if I end up tewaking it a lot)

Anyway, enough rambling. I'll see ya when I see ya.

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