Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thrawn of the Dead

I've realized this whole daily blogging thing during a GSL is freakishly hard, but I'm not playing this week, so it should have been easier. It should be a normal week with a few special topics and whatnot (there was supposed to be a special topic yesterday, in fact) but that has not happened on account of business and illness.

Business: I'm a little behind on my research (surprise, surprise), so I've been spending five-hour jags in the research lab coding data... doing that is not a good way to maintain sanity over a prolonged period of time, but it must be done.

I also spent the majority of last week working on my first short story for my creative writing class, and it's now finished. It's a horror story set in Japan, based on a Japanese urban legend. I was thinking of serial-posting it on this blog, but I'm pretty protective of my fiction and don't want to put it where anyone can "borrow" it. So, if you're interested in reading it, give me an email and I'll send it to you. This way, I have a rough idea of who has read it.

Illness: I've had a cold for a week now, and yesterday was a day to forget. Woke up with a persistent throbbing headache that lasted all day, and I couldn't focus on anything. Therefore, besides playing Stoked, I got nothing done at all, and now need to do double today. Fun times. I felt like a total zombie.

I felt a lot like this yesterday.


In speaking of feeling dead, Resident Evil 5 comes out on Friday, and I'm super excited for it. I'm going to need an online co-op partner for it, as I have to test out the co-op as part of the review process, and I'd rather not play with some random person. So far, my message to all friends has been fruitless, as my friends are either busy with a GSL, time zones wouldn't work well, they aren't getting the game, or they're just being lame. Whatever the cause, I'm still looking. Ducky Dan has offered to buy the game and play with me, but since he hated Dead Space, I'm probably going to tell him not to bother, as it seems improbable to me that he would like it. If he does get it, I'll work with him. That should be... interesting...

Want to co-op? I'll let you be Chris this time...

I'm going to get cranking on the Stoked draft today now that I'm feeling better, but it probably won't be on the site for a couple more days.

Week 4 is about to begin in the GSL, which I'm unfortunately sitting out due to my work load and review obligations (though I'd been hoping to be the one to review RE5 for months, I'll admit). Next week is my spring break, and since all my friends are going skiing (I hate skiing and refused to waste my money on something I would have no fun doing), I'll have nothing to do but play games, so it should be a double points week for me (I'll probably still be trying to get some work done as well though).

In my 360voice challenge, I've temporarily moved up to #3 thanks to 440 points in Stoked (which is not a GSL game, BTW, unless you're really, really good at games of this genre), but that won't last. Koala is playing, I'm not. It'll be interesting to see how badly the competition burns me this week, and if I can claw my way back into the top three during Week 5. I really want to finish top three and get some challenge points for my efforts. It's an added source of motivation beyond moving Hand of Thrawn up the team ladder. There's no such thing as too much motivation, is there?

Oh! Maw DLC #2 comes out today!!! You should go download it. Right now. That game is amazing. I think I'm going to go get is as soon as this has been posted.

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