Monday, March 9, 2009

Messages from the Holonet (Episode 2)

It's been a while, but I finally have accumulated enough interesting messages to merit a post. I figured I'd take a break from Stoked (my next review) to type up the post.

BL4CK SiLv4 writes (2/15/09):

ugh im sick as a dog i cant even sit up on the pc :( good thing the flu hit me this week. Derek: Dont forget to save you are almost lvl 7 :) and Thrawn:... DuckyDan thinks you're cute

(Silva on why he should sit out Week I... and more)
Response: I know Ducky wants me, but after I used the doll to show the nice policemen where he wanted to touch me, he's not allowed within 10 miles of me anymore LOL =P

Buck Wyyld writes (2/24/09)

f dat silva he still owes me a kiss

Response: Buck, if I remember the events of the Viva Pinata Party Animals boosting session correctly, Silva owes you more than a kiss.

Bionik Kommando writes (3/2/09)

Interrupting this gaming session to bring you the following announcement. Italians only eat pizza, pasta, and ice cream. Every stereotypical portrayal of the italian accent, ever, is 100% spot-on. I need to do homework now... Bye.

Response: LOL. That is all.

FinTacular writes (3/6/09)

!YAY! Personal Thrawn gamerpic ! Good for you.

Response: Thanks. I used my vision camera to snap a pic of Thrawn off my PC. If you're on my friends list, you can see this gamerpic. I've had the vision camera for ages... I can't believe the idea didn't come to me sooner.

BL4CK SiLv4 writes (3/7/09)

Madden 08 is for noobs real men play afro samurai

Response: I'll tell you all about what real men play when I see My Horse and Me 2 shows up on your gamercard. Enjoy one last week of decency before people can mok you forever LOL

BL4CK SilVa writes (3/8/09)

100k sigh i miss when I was a casual gamer back in the 34k range in June of 08 then you f***ers got your dirty little hands on me it's a nerd cred is thru the roof now!

Response: I seem to remember you jumping into the fray pretty eagerly. Don't blame us. We didn't make you sign up. It clearly said in the fine print that The Silent Assassins were a cult that you could never leave after joining. Not my fault you can't read. Who doesn't love internet nerd cred?

BL4CK Silva writes (3/9/09)

Podcast = hilarious. Do you think any of the other teams are having as much fun with each other as we are?

Response: I too listened to Minty and Krazie's 5+ minute bitch-fest about the GSL. I hope it was therapeutic (and I'm sure they needed/deserved a rant), but it was a little much. I'm sure a few of the laid back teams not even trying are having a good time. Are any other of the teams in the top six having as much fun as we are? Possibly, but I doubt it. KOTOR isn't, knowing how they opperate. I can't say for the other teams.

As you can see, many of my best messages come from Silva LOL. That'll cover me for today. Gotta get back to playing Stoked.

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