Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Nerf Me One More Time

This week has been one with a decent start, but many frustrations. I came out to a huge start by dropping 425 in Sonic's UGC, and 530 in Xmen, then maybe 200 more in Lego Star Wars II. With over 500 points in NCAA Football 08, things seem to be going amazingly thus far, and I jumped from 57th to 4th in my 360voice challenge, so why would I be frustrated? Because this week was supposed to be HUGE.

What has gone wrong?

1. Gamefly never received Scene It: Box Office Smash. After a week, I reported it missing. They're now sending my LOTR: Conquest, but I won't get that this week. So, a shipping error nerfed me a possible 1k.

2. My disc of Madden 08 will not play, no matter what I do. I can't get out to Gamestop to exchange it this week. Nerfed another 1k.

If only we were talking about this kind of nerf.

3. In NCAA 07, there is no sim function, and apparently if you do too many achievement goals in one game, nothing pops. I played a game for like 90 minutes and got no points for it. It'll take much longer to get points from this than expected.

4. I got a call from a high school buddy yesturday, who wanted to know if he could crash at my place Friday. He has grad school interviews in Stout on Friday, and here in Eau Claire on Saturday, so he wanted to stay here rather than drive back and forth from Minnesota twice. Since I'm such a good friend, I'm helping him out, which means I'm losing almost all of Friday for scoring. It'll be good to see him, and we might go see Watchman, so I'm not complaining about seeing him, but it would have been nice to know sooner, so I could plan for it.

5. I'll be out all day Saturday on a snow-tubing trip that has been in the works for over a month. Wasn't supposed to be a big deal if all my games worked and I had Friday to game. Now I'm looking at a late night Thursday and Late Saturday/Early Sunday.

So, I'll still do OK this week, but my expectations have been lowered quite a bit. I'll have to try to do better next week.

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