Thursday, March 26, 2009

Achievement Unlocked: Be the #4

The release of my review of Fallout 3's "The Pitt" DLC marks my 14th review, which feels like a personal milestone to me. While I no longer count how many reviews people have done (other than myself) I remember their was a 2-way tie (tempararily 3-way while I was there) for 4th most reviews at 13. 4th is now mine, with only 1. japanape 2. Webb and 3. Pants ahead of me. All three of them are great reviewers, and a pleasure to work with, so it's nice be be inching closer to such distinguished company.

I'm now officially x360a's #4 most prolific reviewer, and I've been on the job just 7 months. Why do I care? I really don't know... I just love stupid useless stats, I guess. I'm grateful for the opportunity to combine two of my favorite things (writing + games) and provite useful information and (hopefully) entertainment to others. I love reviewing, and take pride in every new notch on the war belt. So here's to 14 down, and hopefully many more to come. Thanks for all the support I've recieved along the way. It's wonderful to know one's efforts are appreciated.

No idea yet what my next review will be. Perhaps Banjo's DLC if jackanape doesn't have the game anymore or want the DLC, or perhaps some retail game. Dunno. When it comes to what I review, I don't mind surprises =P


  1. Your reviews are quality as well as the rest of the x360a review team. I use two sources for reviews when deciding on purchasing a game, the x360a team and G4TV (Adam Sessler). I didnt buy Resident Evil 5 until you put your review up. Keep them coming.

  2. you spelled jackanape wrong lol, anyway I would love to see a review from you on the Banjo DLC. I have not played the game for months, and need something to go back to it.