Monday, March 16, 2009

Week IV Final Thoughts

I rode the bench this week, and with the score tracking still so messed up, I barely bothered to look at the thing. With review obligations and homework absorbing my time, Week IV feels like a "lost week" to me. I practically don't even know what happened, which is probably a bad thing, since I am the captain and all LOL. I'm afraid that instead of worrying about being too "hands-on" this week I may have been too "hands-off" in leadership. Live and learn, I guess.

DarkTharen kicked ass, with nearly 6k points scored, and Bishop's 3,700 or so points are also nothing to complain about, though I know he wishes he could have done better. Silva underperformed for the first time ever, so I hope next week on the bench helps him recharge a bit (this was a planned benching for him, and has nothing to do with his performance). Sabre is on the bench again, and will hopefully be boosting me through LOTR: Failquest (as I understand it's not that good).

This week is my spring break, so look for me to throw down some major points. Young Guns is right up in our faces again, and our deficit on Sinister Six has not significantly decreased in the last two weeks, and I'm not at all happy about either of those events. So, I'll be doing my own part to pur the hurt on, and edge ever closer to 100k.

This weekend was insanely busy, with Resident Evil 5 owning my life. Thank God the game is good. I spent about 12-13 hours Friday-Sunday playing it, and about 5-6 more hours Sun-Mon writing up the review, coding it, and adding pics. And it's a doozey of a review too. I hope people bother to read through it all, as there's a lot of good info in there. The review should be posted in the next day or two.

For tonight, I'm going to continue playing RE5, in a more laid-back fashion now. I'm playing through on easy to get all the BSAA emblems, gather what treasures I missed, and gather up money and exchange points for some of the other achievements. I must say, since guns carry over, and infinate ammo apparently does not disable achievements, Professional mode won't be as hard as I feared, since theoretically two people can roll through with superpowered weapons and no ammo concerns. It's definitely the easiest 1k Capcom has ever released, though I'm not sure if getting all "S" ranks for one unlockable is required for one of the achievements or not.


  1. Good times Thrawn, I am only allowed to play on weekends so I may take a while to upgrade my guns, but once I do that do you want to do a quick run through on veteran one weekend and then professional the next?

  2. If we play on Sunday afternoons after the GSL cutoff, then I can. Because of the GSL, I'll be beasting points on Saturdays and early sundays. I'll let you know when I have weeks off.

    I wanted to give you props in the review for the help, but that part got cut =( I'll have to save it for my next real post.

  3. hey dude.I was just wondering who is top of gsl leaderboard?
    oh btw Ur team is da biznees :)

  4. KOTOR or Team Short Bus is winning, depending on who you ask. The scoring graph is still messed up. I won't be concerned about them unless my team gets close to them, and we're well back. But yes, my team is da biznees LOL =P