Thursday, March 19, 2009

Week 5 Update: Doing the Best I Can

I've been working my butt off this week so far to put points up on the board. So far (as of when I type this) I have done:

Stoked - 150 points
Xmen- 125 points
Eat Lead- 910 points
Shellshock 2- 255points
LOTR: Conquest- 375 points

Total = 1,815 and there should still be a lot more coming.

Eat Lead is a terrible game. To anyone looking to use it as a GSL game: Just play the damn thing on easy. The 60 points for higher difficulties aren't worth the time and frustration, unless you're a completionist. Just cruise through on easy, take your easy 900, and get the hell out of there. It had a few funny moments, but the shooting gameplay wasn't spectacularly well done.

Shellshock 2 isn't too bad, though there have already been a few checkpoints that made me want to scream. I had to put that down for LOTR so I could feel I was making progress. Now to continue LOTR. I'm hoping to have that game nearly 1k-ed by the end of the night.

Hopefully, all this effort will get me back into the top 3 in my 360voice challenge...

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