Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thrawn Gets Hacked =(

God I love today. I wake up to find out its snowing... what a way to start April. After class this morning, I came back to my room to log into Dash of Destruction, as usual, to get ready for the GSL week. There's a problem though... I couldn't log in. I f***ing FREAKED. I tried to log into, and couldn't do it.

So, the first thing I did was bring my offline trash tag onto Xbox live (ThrawnEternal), so that I can still send messages with people and communicate with other people while I figure this out. Feel free to send me friend invites, as I'd appreciate help in knowing what my options are as I work this out. I have a class at NOON where I'll be taking an exam, and thus can't miss it, but I'll be contacting Microsoft as soon as I get back, to try to have the account temporarily locked at least.

With the new Thrawn on live, I took a look at my profile. Look what this douchbag did...
Feel free to spam him with messages letting him know HE's the asshat. Happy freaking April Fools. I've sent messages to Minty, Hayden, and Roxy hoping they'll let me make a last-minute lineup switch to take myself out of the lineup for the week, because I clearly won't be able to play. Goddamnit I'm so furious about this I can barely think straight. Having your whole gaming career hijacked isn't fun.

WIsh me luck in trying to resolve this...


  1. If you are reading this, check your e-mail if you haven't seen what I sent you. NOW.

  2. That sucks dude, I'll be on this upcoming week, so I guess we can play through resident evil again, lol. Send Bond x360a a friend request.

  3. wait its an april fools joke isnt it, god damn it.