Friday, April 24, 2009

Thrawn's Research Revealed!

Ok, my Powerpoint has now been uploaded thanks to the awesomeness of free file hosting, and is available for you to download and view, should you so choose (you need Powerpoint or the ability to view Powerpoint slides).

This research, looking at the transformation of relationships in MMOs (World of Warcraft specifically), is the fruit of hundreds of hours of work, over the span of about a year. I hope you all find it interesting, and feel free to ask me any questions. I'll answer to the best of my ability.

It's nice to be able to show off by Sociology skills (as opposed to the benefits of an English major, which you see all the time), and show off my academic side, as opposed to my gamer side, for once =P Enjoy!

Reading the poster constitutes more than enough reading from me for one day, so I'll leave this post at that...

Download the poster here:

Edit: MediaFire, the site I used for this, looks pretty awesome, and uploading the file was a breeze. This creates the possibility of using it to share other interesting content with my readership in the future. I have no ideas on how to best use it yet, but the future is always in motion, as Yoda would say.


  1. Ah man I've been put off straight away by the horrible use of colours and fonts in it. Red and blue like that just doesn't work.... lol

  2. Sigh... hundreds of hours of work trivialized into not liking my color choices. Well, I ran it past several other sets of eyes, and nobody bitched. My faculty adviser loved it, I like it. That's good enough for me.

    I'll chill and wait for comments/questions on the content of the research itself. You know, the important stuff.

  3. I really think you did a great job. I read through the majority of it (skimmed through some parts) and it was exceptionally well written and well researched. Full marks.

    However I do agree with JJBDude. The red title is really unappealing and the color scheme in general is not very good. The blueish titles are also questionable. All in all though very good job and congrats on finishing it!

  4. I have some free time tonight so I will give it a read after dinner. :)